Infinity: a Free Bootstrap 4 Coming Soon Template Infinity: a Free Bootstrap 4 Coming Soon Template

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Coming soon page helps you displaying a custom message for your visitor when your website is not ready. Infinity Free Bootstrap 4 Coming Soon Template is such a beautiful coming soon template comes with the simple, flexible and unique design.

The color palette of this template is composed by 24 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Eastern Blue #20b0b4 rgb(32,176,180)
Emperor #504b49 rgb(80,75,73)
Keppel #3f9d9c rgb(63,157,156)
Woodsmoke #13131a rgb(19,19,26)
Half Baked #7ac9cb rgb(122,201,203)
Scooter #2cb4b4 rgb(44,180,180)
Gunsmoke #848c8c rgb(132,140,140)
Elm #1a6a6a rgb(26,106,106)
Heavy Metal #262621 rgb(38,38,33)
Cream Can #f4d448 rgb(244,212,72)
Java #1db3b4 rgb(29,179,180)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Genoa #127172 rgb(18,113,114)
Mine Shaft #2b2b2b rgb(43,43,43)
Downy #74d4d0 rgb(116,212,208)
Saffron #f4d339 rgb(244,211,57)
Dusty Gray #9e9d9d rgb(158,157,157)
Keppel #32b0b0 rgb(50,176,176)
Tuatara #232321 rgb(35,35,33)
Water Leaf #9fe7e6 rgb(159,231,230)
Java #1cb2b3 rgb(28,178,179)
Gray #7f7d7d rgb(127,125,125)
Keppel #3aa1a5 rgb(58,161,165)
Iceberg #d3f2f3 rgb(211,242,243)

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