Bingo: a Powerful Bootstrap Business Template Bingo: a Powerful Bootstrap Business Template Bingo: a Powerful Bootstrap Business Template Bingo: a Powerful Bootstrap Business Template Bingo: a Powerful Bootstrap Business Template

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BINGO is a powerful Bootstrap Business Template from the Themefisher team. It is the product of the long and persistent attempt at perfection and elegance and is a brainchild of the entire team. By using this theme, it will be possible for you to make your startup website / business website and more on. Easy and effortless setup of the website or page is the base of this template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 49 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #2cabe1 rgb(44,171,225)
Edward #a8a9a8 rgb(168,169,168)
Chathams Blue #105674 rgb(16,86,116)
Ironside Gray #6b6a69 rgb(107,106,105)
Picton Blue #51bce1 rgb(81,188,225)
Picton Blue #30ace4 rgb(48,172,228)
Pharlap #a78078 rgb(167,128,120)
Casal #34646c rgb(52,100,108)
Soya Bean #6c5c4c rgb(108,92,76)
Sky Blue #6cc4ec rgb(108,196,236)
Curious Blue #2cabde rgb(44,171,222)
Kabul #5e4a44 rgb(94,74,68)
Paradiso #296f77 rgb(41,111,119)
Sand Dune #856b5e rgb(133,107,94)
Monte Carlo #7ccbce rgb(124,203,206)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Fedora #646064 rgb(100,96,100)
Pelorous #4ca4c4 rgb(76,164,196)
Slate Gray #708698 rgb(112,134,152)
Cloud Burst #1a234a rgb(26,35,74)
Cod Gray #0d0a0a rgb(13,10,10)
White Rock #eae2cf rgb(234,226,207)
Shakespeare #40acd4 rgb(64,172,212)
Blumine #18556c rgb(24,85,108)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Viking #74c4dc rgb(116,196,220)
Shakespeare #50a8cc rgb(80,168,204)
Cloudy #aba8a4 rgb(171,168,164)
San Juan #344c6c rgb(52,76,108)
Mine Shaft #222020 rgb(34,32,32)
Seagull #7cceec rgb(124,206,236)
Scooter #34acdc rgb(52,172,220)
Nevada #6a6c70 rgb(106,108,112)
Astronaut #263e74 rgb(38,62,116)
Woodsmoke #0f1115 rgb(15,17,21)
Spray #88e0f0 rgb(136,224,240)
Curious Blue #2daadf rgb(45,170,223)
Oslo Gray #929495 rgb(146,148,149)
Chathams Blue #115673 rgb(17,86,115)
Woodsmoke #0f1013 rgb(15,16,19)
Regent St Blue #97bfe0 rgb(151,191,224)
Delta #acaca4 rgb(172,172,164)
Chathams Blue #135671 rgb(19,86,113)
Cod Gray #1c1c1c rgb(28,28,28)
Turquoise Blue #5cd8f0 rgb(92,216,240)
Picton Blue #2cabe3 rgb(44,171,227)
Dove Gray #716f6e rgb(113,111,110)
Aztec #060c0f rgb(6,12,15)
Shakespeare #52a9cf rgb(82,169,207)

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