Admin Two: A Free Vue.Js Bulma Admin Dashboard Admin Two: A Free Vue.Js Bulma Admin Dashboard Admin Two: A Free Vue.Js Bulma Admin Dashboard

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Admin Two Vue Bulma Dashboard is simple yet beautiful Vue.js Bulma Admin Dashboard.

  • Free under MIT License
  • SPA — Single page app
  • Built with Vue CLI 3.6
  • Powered by Buefy
  • SCSS sources with variables
  • More than 17 custom components
  • Premium version available

The color palette of this template is composed by 30 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Turmeric #d1b055 rgb(209,176,85)
Coral Tree #a7727c rgb(167,114,124)
Elephant #132b43 rgb(19,43,67)
Corduroy #606a6a rgb(96,106,106)
Fountain Blue #5dbcc9 rgb(93,188,201)
Froly #f46c8c rgb(244,108,140)
Slate Gray #74848c rgb(116,132,140)
Big Stone #142a44 rgb(20,42,68)
Corduroy #5e6c6c rgb(94,108,108)
Cranberry #dc6484 rgb(220,100,132)
Carnation #f23e63 rgb(242,62,99)
Pewter #999d9c rgb(153,157,156)
Elephant #132942 rgb(19,41,66)
Shuttle Gray #5c6e7e rgb(92,110,126)
Old Gold #d6b450 rgb(214,180,80)
Mariner #307ace rgb(48,122,206)
Battleship Gray #848c74 rgb(132,140,116)
Blue Zodiac #0f2640 rgb(15,38,64)
Go Ben #747c54 rgb(116,124,84)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Bismark #40607c rgb(64,96,124)
Ronchi #eac047 rgb(234,192,71)
Oslo Gray #999c9e rgb(153,156,158)
Elephant #112841 rgb(17,40,65)
Blue Bayoux #53687d rgb(83,104,125)
Anzac #e0b84e rgb(224,184,78)
Oslo Gray #969b9e rgb(150,155,158)
Elephant #112842 rgb(17,40,66)
Blue Bayoux #546b7f rgb(84,107,127)
Fountain Blue #5d9dbd rgb(93,157,189)

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