Admin One: a Free Vue.js Bulma Admin Dashboard Admin One: a Free Vue.js Bulma Admin Dashboard Admin One: a Free Vue.js Bulma Admin Dashboard

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Admin One Vue Bulma Dashboard is simple yet beautiful Vue.js Bulma Admin Dashboard.

  • Free under MIT License
  • SPA — Single page app
  • Built with VueCLI 3.6, Buefy & Bulma
  • SCSS sources with variables
  • More than 17 custom components
  • Premium version available

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Java #18d6b9 rgb(24,214,185)
Jumbo #707075 rgb(112,112,117)
Caribbean Green #0ed2ac rgb(14,210,172)
Outer Space #2c343c rgb(44,52,60)
Morning Glory #93dfdf rgb(147,223,223)
Azure Radiance #197cec rgb(25,124,236)
Turkish Rose #b06880 rgb(176,104,128)
Caribbean Green #07cdac rgb(7,205,172)
Outer Space #2c333b rgb(44,51,59)
Cavern Pink #e0b0b4 rgb(224,176,180)
Mandy #e74366 rgb(231,67,102)
Edward #99a6a8 rgb(153,166,168)
Caribbean Green #0fceb0 rgb(15,206,176)
Danube #588acb rgb(88,138,203)
Robin's Egg Blue #04d4b4 rgb(4,212,180)
Xanadu #6c7c74 rgb(108,124,116)
Caribbean Green #04d4ac rgb(4,212,172)
Charlotte #b4f8f0 rgb(180,248,240)
Au Chico #8c645c rgb(140,100,92)
Robin's Egg Blue #04d4b5 rgb(4,212,181)
Shark #24282a rgb(36,40,42)
Half Baked #8ecccc rgb(142,204,204)
Caribbean Green #06d2b0 rgb(6,210,176)
Gurkha #9d916e rgb(157,145,110)
Jungle Green #30b094 rgb(48,176,148)
Woodsmoke #151c1c rgb(21,28,28)
Ice Cold #91f5f0 rgb(145,245,240)
Caribbean Green #08d1af rgb(8,209,175)
Sandal #a5896c rgb(165,137,108)
Irish Coffee #643827 rgb(100,56,39)
Outer Space #2b333b rgb(43,51,59)
Spray #89f5ed rgb(137,245,237)

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