Fame: a Bootstrap 3 Free Elegant HTML Website Template Fame: a Bootstrap 3 Free Elegant HTML Website Template Fame: a Bootstrap 3 Free Elegant HTML Website Template Fame: a Bootstrap 3 Free Elegant HTML Website Template

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The FREE HTML Website Template, Fame is partially created for the famous and elegant websites. The template colorful and visually rich as well as aesthetic, smartly capable of providing astonishing feeling and honor to the visitors. Every elements and feature is well-organized and planned according to the best practice of conversion optimization.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Apple #5db030 rgb(93,176,48)
Kokoda #686657 rgb(104,102,87)
Fern Green #517b36 rgb(81,123,54)
Masala #3c3633 rgb(60,54,51)
Tacha #c1d25d rgb(193,210,93)
Bright Sun #fcd434 rgb(252,212,52)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Asphalt #0e0406 rgb(14,4,6)
Chicago #565654 rgb(86,86,84)
Red Orange #fc442c rgb(252,68,44)
Red Orange #f94530 rgb(249,69,48)
Sandstone #7a6d68 rgb(122,109,104)
Apple #5db034 rgb(93,176,52)
Outer Space #383c40 rgb(56,60,64)
Picton Blue #51bee1 rgb(81,190,225)
Rio Grande #bccc04 rgb(188,204,4)
Mid Gray #696974 rgb(105,105,116)
Firefly #091120 rgb(9,17,32)
Shark #232324 rgb(35,35,36)
Confetti #f0e054 rgb(240,224,84)
La Rioja #c1cf12 rgb(193,207,18)
Oslo Gray #909395 rgb(144,147,149)
Rhino #324369 rgb(50,67,105)
Shark #222325 rgb(34,35,37)
Flamingo #f14937 rgb(241,73,55)
Beaver #8e6a5c rgb(142,106,92)
Olive #826801 rgb(130,104,1)
Sky Blue #70ccec rgb(112,204,236)
Sky Blue #74d0ec rgb(116,208,236)
Soya Bean #5e5746 rgb(94,87,70)
Luxor Gold #947c2c rgb(148,124,44)
Birch #3b3123 rgb(59,49,35)
Rob Roy #e8ce75 rgb(232,206,117)
Bright Sun #fbd335 rgb(251,211,53)
Mountain Mist #9f9ea0 rgb(159,158,160)
Olive #826802 rgb(130,104,2)
Thunder #201f20 rgb(32,31,32)
Cream Can #f0d265 rgb(240,210,101)
Hokey Pokey #cdac2e rgb(205,172,46)
Kabul #584f41 rgb(88,79,65)
Punga #513e18 rgb(81,62,24)
Birch #352a21 rgb(53,42,33)
Chenin #e0c979 rgb(224,201,121)

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