Restaurant: a Clean and Professional Responsive Restaurant Template Restaurant: a Clean and Professional Responsive Restaurant Template Restaurant: a Clean and Professional Responsive Restaurant Template Restaurant: a Clean and Professional Responsive Restaurant Template

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Restaurant is a clean and professional free Responsive Restaurant template, perfect for Restaurant, Restaurant menu Bakery, any food business and personal chef web sites. Built with Bootstrap and maintaining best practices of HTML5 / CSS3. It’s responsive too – Will fit great on all screen and mobile devices.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tabasco #983413 rgb(152,52,19)
Donkey Brown #aa9685 rgb(170,150,133)
Clinker #45250d rgb(69,37,13)
Abbey #505054 rgb(80,80,84)
Pancho #ebc7a5 rgb(235,199,165)
Spice #6f4732 rgb(111,71,50)
Indian Khaki #c5b295 rgb(197,178,149)
Potters Clay #825c34 rgb(130,92,52)
Ironstone #7a4a3c rgb(122,74,60)
Rajah #f8a074 rgb(248,160,116)
Spicy Mix #8c5c40 rgb(140,92,64)
Barley Corn #a38764 rgb(163,135,100)
Spice #663e2c rgb(102,62,44)
Mine Shaft #292828 rgb(41,40,40)
Burnt Sienna #eb8b5e rgb(235,139,94)
Hot Cinnamon #de7523 rgb(222,117,35)
Pablo #766d5d rgb(118,109,93)
Metallic Copper #6f3522 rgb(111,53,34)
Crater Brown #432225 rgb(67,34,37)
Porsche #eda962 rgb(237,169,98)
Tango #ec801e rgb(236,128,30)
Barley Corn #a6885b rgb(166,136,91)
Kumera #8d6b2b rgb(141,107,43)
Crater Brown #411f20 rgb(65,31,32)
Manhattan #f3bd90 rgb(243,189,144)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Cameo #d4b098 rgb(212,176,152)
Laser #ccac6c rgb(204,172,108)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Cedar #3c1414 rgb(60,20,20)
Hippie Green #5c8c44 rgb(92,140,68)
Salmon #fc7c74 rgb(252,124,116)
Flamingo #ee5a19 rgb(238,90,25)
Delta #a4a4a1 rgb(164,164,161)
Kenyan Copper #7b2c09 rgb(123,44,9)
Flint #6d6a61 rgb(109,106,97)
Manhattan #f5ae93 rgb(245,174,147)
Antique Brass #c88c57 rgb(200,140,87)
Natural Gray #8a8a86 rgb(138,138,134)
Mule Fawn #8b482e rgb(139,72,46)
Taupe #463c35 rgb(70,60,53)
Calico #e3be90 rgb(227,190,144)

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