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Explorer is a well designed personal website template. Apart from a good design layout, you can easily edit and customize to share your work and you’ll easily alter the design as you wish, in order to create an image of a serious job seeker in your industry. This template will help you to present your candidacy in the best way.

This personal website theme will be perfectly suited to represent your creative thoughts on the web. This elegantly designed template has awesome features like stylish colorful navigation, banner text slide up, filterizr gallery tabs and elegance style of design in every detail. This template is 100% responsive cross browser template, compatible on all devices, displayed on all screen sizes. It is entirely built in Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Make it yours now by using it, downloading it and please share it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Steel Blue #4e7bb0 rgb(78,123,176)
Fiord #415567 rgb(65,85,103)
San Juan #2d4766 rgb(45,71,102)
Bismark #4f6f83 rgb(79,111,131)
Periwinkle Gray #c0cce4 rgb(192,204,228)
Shamrock #4cdca4 rgb(76,220,164)
Jewel #156e4c rgb(21,110,76)
Water Leaf #96e4de rgb(150,228,222)
Mandy #ec5474 rgb(236,84,116)
Shuttle Gray #646c7c rgb(100,108,124)
Bunting #121941 rgb(18,25,65)
Bright Turquoise #10bbec rgb(16,187,236)
Hillary #af9e87 rgb(175,158,135)
Cerulean Blue #2963ac rgb(41,99,172)
Matterhorn #50413e rgb(80,65,62)
Sea Buckthorn #f59c37 rgb(245,156,55)
Danube #628fc3 rgb(98,143,195)
Pine Cone #66544c rgb(102,84,76)
Bay of Many #2b468a rgb(43,70,138)
Abbey #4b5355 rgb(75,83,85)
Mandy #e75574 rgb(231,85,116)
Shamrock #4cdaa4 rgb(76,218,164)
Oriental Pink #c598a7 rgb(197,152,167)
Curious Blue #1c84c4 rgb(28,132,196)
Mine Shaft #353131 rgb(53,49,49)
Mandy #e65978 rgb(230,89,120)
Mandy #e55876 rgb(229,88,118)
Waikawa Gray #596d9f rgb(89,109,159)
Rhino #313868 rgb(49,56,104)
Don Juan #685162 rgb(104,81,98)
Shamrock #52d9aa rgb(82,217,170)

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