Meghna: a Responsive One Page Business Template Meghna: a Responsive One Page Business Template Meghna: a Responsive One Page Business Template Meghna: a Responsive One Page Business Template Meghna: a Responsive One Page Business Template

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Meghna is a free responsive one page business template built with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery. The HTML template is minimalist, lightweight and fast loading, has been shipped wrapping latest technologies and awesome design trend. Mehna has successfully passed W3C validation and speed test. The bootstrap based HTML crafted with eye-catching design(UI) and ideal for well-researched user experience (UX), perfectly suited for Business, agency, startup, corporate, portfolio, showcasing, photography studio, SME business, non-profit organizations, fashion government agencies. and many more.

Looking for best page to download free business HTML templates? Themefisher gives something exceptional for small, medium and large business online firms. The amazing feature of this Meghna is its fronted Framework. Yes, Meghna is bootstrap 3 based HTML template comes with superb compatibility modern browsers and it’s latest as well as old version like IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox,Safari, Opera, Chrome. The free HTML template is also responsive and capable to be adaptive in major viewing screen and mobile devices like smartphone, feature phone, windows phone, android phone, Iphone, Ipad, and retina devices.

The color palette of this template is composed by 46 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Curious Blue #1f9fdf rgb(31,159,223)
Dove Gray #727272 rgb(114,114,114)
Black Pearl #04141c rgb(4,20,28)
Armadillo #433b35 rgb(67,59,53)
Laser #cca46c rgb(204,164,108)
Tradewind #5caca4 rgb(92,172,164)
Gable Green #14242c rgb(20,36,44)
Fuscous Gray #4c4946 rgb(76,73,70)
Spring Wood #f9f6f1 rgb(249,246,241)
Tan #cea88d rgb(206,168,141)
Neptune #6fb2b4 rgb(111,178,180)
Firefly #0a2b29 rgb(10,43,41)
Bright Gray #343c44 rgb(52,60,68)
Bone #dfcdba rgb(223,205,186)
Edward #9ca4a4 rgb(156,164,164)
Outer Space #343c43 rgb(52,60,67)
Fountain Blue #6bbec0 rgb(107,190,192)
Rolling Stone #727a81 rgb(114,122,129)
Firefly #0f2e33 rgb(15,46,51)
Outer Space #1b2323 rgb(27,35,35)
Jagged Ice #d8e8f0 rgb(216,232,240)
Tradewind #54b0b0 rgb(84,176,176)
Edward #9cacac rgb(156,172,172)
Plantation #24454c rgb(36,69,76)
Fountain Blue #6cb8c8 rgb(108,184,200)
Fountain Blue #5fc2c1 rgb(95,194,193)
Nevada #6d7379 rgb(109,115,121)
Elephant #0b3336 rgb(11,51,54)
Glacier #7cbcc2 rgb(124,188,194)
Tussock #cca054 rgb(204,160,84)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Outer Space #1c2424 rgb(28,36,36)
Fountain Blue #67c0bf rgb(103,192,191)
Oslo Gray #848889 rgb(132,136,137)
Gable Green #10272b rgb(16,39,43)
Shark #1c2324 rgb(28,35,36)
Polar #f0fcf9 rgb(240,252,249)
Fountain Blue #56c8c8 rgb(86,200,200)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Charade #2c2c34 rgb(44,44,52)
Fountain Blue #64c4c4 rgb(100,196,196)
Downy #56cbcb rgb(86,203,203)
Nevada #6c7279 rgb(108,114,121)
Bottle Green #09292c rgb(9,41,44)
Bright Gray #333b44 rgb(51,59,68)
Glacier #80bec3 rgb(128,190,195)

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