Kross: a Creative and Modern Personal Portfolio Website Template Kross: a Creative and Modern Personal Portfolio Website Template Kross: a Creative and Modern Personal Portfolio Website Template Kross: a Creative and Modern Personal Portfolio Website Template

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Kross is a creative, sleek and modern personal portfolio website template with a gorgeous appearance. It appears with an amazing, stunning graphics. The minimal interface with the necessary sections will surely help the visitors to get a thorough idea about your works.Put together beginners in mind, kross is very easy to use and built with a clean and valid international standard coding structure. It is a user-friendly template for its responsive characteristics. All the sections appear with mind-blowing graphics and animation. Kross features “Skill”, “experience” and “education” sections separately that will definitely help your visitors to know about your qualifications.The “Portfolio” and “Testimonial” section allow you to display your top-rated works and the best compliments from your clients respectively. It surely helps to take the final decision for your client whether he hire you or not.Besides, the blog section allows you to publish the resources relating to your service. So, kross can be your personal website template for its professional appearance.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sea Buckthorn #f8992a rgb(248,153,42)
Deluge #826aa5 rgb(130,106,165)
Jacksons Purple #341b83 rgb(52,27,131)
Victoria #604596 rgb(96,69,150)
Bright Turquoise #40f5f3 rgb(64,245,243)
Texas Rose #fcb455 rgb(252,180,85)
Nepal #99a5c0 rgb(153,165,192)
Daisy Bush #44248c rgb(68,36,140)
Dove Gray #717171 rgb(113,113,113)
Medium Purple #9474e3 rgb(148,116,227)
Casablanca #fbb355 rgb(251,179,85)
Strikemaster #875781 rgb(135,87,129)
Cod Gray #070607 rgb(7,6,7)
Rose Bud #fbbea9 rgb(251,190,169)
Dusty Gray #969696 rgb(150,150,150)
Daisy Bush #442494 rgb(68,36,148)
Mine Shaft #2c2c2c rgb(44,44,44)
Blue Bell #9484c4 rgb(148,132,196)
Daisy Bush #44248b rgb(68,36,139)
Mamba #847985 rgb(132,121,133)
Jacarta #3b2969 rgb(59,41,105)
Cod Gray #090809 rgb(9,8,9)
Prelude #d0c6e8 rgb(208,198,232)
Daisy Bush #4a2c96 rgb(74,44,150)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Daisy Bush #43248c rgb(67,36,140)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
East Side #a494cc rgb(164,148,204)
Cerulean #0abada rgb(10,186,218)
Topaz #817694 rgb(129,118,148)
Thunder #2d2a2d rgb(45,42,45)
Sea Pink #ee9e8f rgb(238,158,143)
Daisy Bush #43248b rgb(67,36,139)
Jumbo #78777a rgb(120,119,122)
Daisy Bush #442594 rgb(68,37,148)
Tuatara #242423 rgb(36,36,35)
Cold Purple #b3a4d6 rgb(179,164,214)
Turquoise #3bdde3 rgb(59,221,227)
Waikawa Gray #5e6e9c rgb(94,110,156)
Potters Clay #886939 rgb(136,105,57)
Dune #2e2825 rgb(46,40,37)
Cupid #fabcc3 rgb(250,188,195)

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