Smart App: a Clean and Modern Responsive App for Mobile App Smart App: a Clean and Modern Responsive App for Mobile App Smart App: a Clean and Modern Responsive App for Mobile App Smart App: a Clean and Modern Responsive App for Mobile App

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Smart App is a clean and modern Free responsive app landing-page template for Mobile App. Built with Bootstrap 4.x frontend Framework. The codebase is well organized, very easy to customize, and SEO optimized. Best suited to present and promote your startup mobile apps on your official website. The overall design is simple and clean, crafted with great assuring pixel perfection, Small apps bootstrap-based landing-page template can adapt automatically vast array of screen and devices like Desktop, Mobile phone, iPhone, Ipad,  Google android powered devices.

Every line of code has its own exact purpose to keep the HTML theme lightweight and semantic, no chances of fuss codes that increase website loading speed. Clean code, comment applied for every section and infinitely test W3C markup validation, thankfully found no warning, let alone errors.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower Blue #72aaee rgb(114,170,238)
Bermuda Gray #6b7fa7 rgb(107,127,167)
Tory Blue #144795 rgb(20,71,149)
Danube #6a95d3 rgb(106,149,211)
Cerulean #04bcfc rgb(4,188,252)
Del Rio #ac948c rgb(172,148,140)
Orient #016183 rgb(1,97,131)
Matterhorn #4c3c3c rgb(76,60,60)
Half Baked #89b6d6 rgb(137,182,214)
Bright Turquoise #12bef3 rgb(18,190,243)
Oslo Gray #8e9096 rgb(142,144,150)
San Juan #284962 rgb(40,73,98)
Thunder #191217 rgb(25,18,23)
Cranberry #e45096 rgb(228,80,150)
Malibu #64acfc rgb(100,172,252)
Shuttle Gray #5c5e61 rgb(92,94,97)
Tosca #944044 rgb(148,64,68)
Woodsmoke #0d0e0f rgb(13,14,15)
Half Baked #8cbcd4 rgb(140,188,212)
Husk #b99a51 rgb(185,154,81)
Abbey #555a5d rgb(85,90,93)
Green Pea #165838 rgb(22,88,56)
Woodsmoke #0c0e0f rgb(12,14,15)
Fountain Blue #5e9dbe rgb(94,157,190)
Royal Blue #2c7cec rgb(44,124,236)
Fuscous Gray #58544c rgb(88,84,76)
Asphalt #0c040c rgb(12,4,12)
Merlin #4c4844 rgb(76,72,68)
Picton Blue #44bcf0 rgb(68,188,240)
Pale Sky #6c7484 rgb(108,116,132)
Mariner #2464bc rgb(36,100,188)
Tundora #4c4c4c rgb(76,76,76)
Wistful #a0acd4 rgb(160,172,212)
Royal Blue #2e7ceb rgb(46,124,235)
Ironside Gray #676664 rgb(103,102,100)
Cello #1c3157 rgb(28,49,87)
Mine Shaft #2f2f2f rgb(47,47,47)
Steel Blue #598fc1 rgb(89,143,193)
Polo Blue #7596c8 rgb(117,150,200)
Shuttle Gray #616365 rgb(97,99,101)
Purple Heart #7512cc rgb(117,18,204)
Outer Space #333b3c rgb(51,59,60)
Polar #def6f8 rgb(222,246,248)

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