Free Nonprofit Starter: A Free Website Template for Nonprofits Free Nonprofit Starter: A Free Website Template for Nonprofits Free Nonprofit Starter: A Free Website Template for Nonprofits

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We want to help introduce the nonprofit community to the powerful world of open source development. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below, and in less than an hour your grassroots nonprofit will have a live, no-cost website complete with online donation capabilities.

But most importantly, by hosting your site and its code on Github you'll allow volunteers to easily contribute to ongoing development of your site.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Whiskey #cf9c7a rgb(207,156,122)
Gull Gray #96a6b6 rgb(150,166,182)
Kashmir Blue #436c93 rgb(67,108,147)
Nevada #656e79 rgb(101,110,121)
Hippie Blue #6493bc rgb(100,147,188)
Viking #5cb4dc rgb(92,180,220)
Corduroy #545c5c rgb(84,92,92)
Chathams Blue #17526d rgb(23,82,109)
Kashmir Blue #44648c rgb(68,100,140)
Pigeon Post #acccdc rgb(172,204,220)
Havelock Blue #42a3db rgb(66,163,219)
Gull Gray #9aaaba rgb(154,170,186)
Calypso #2c618d rgb(44,97,141)
River Bed #404a55 rgb(64,74,85)
Cornflower #9fd4ed rgb(159,212,237)
Glacier #74accc rgb(116,172,204)
Cloudy #b0aca8 rgb(176,172,168)
Blue Dianne #234a61 rgb(35,74,97)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Hippie Blue #5c8cb4 rgb(92,140,180)
Bismark #446c8c rgb(68,108,140)
Mirage #1c2c3b rgb(28,44,59)
Limed Spruce #3c4854 rgb(60,72,84)
Pigeon Post #acc4dc rgb(172,196,220)
Shakespeare #43a3d7 rgb(67,163,215)
Shuttle Gray #656971 rgb(101,105,113)
Chathams Blue #174f6d rgb(23,79,109)
Mako #454a50 rgb(69,74,80)
Link Water #f3f3fc rgb(243,243,252)
Hippie Blue #6494bc rgb(100,148,188)
Shuttle Gray #596d7f rgb(89,109,127)
Big Stone #1b2b3b rgb(27,43,59)
Trout #4d5760 rgb(77,87,96)
Contessa #c9746e rgb(201,116,110)

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