Hoverboard: a Conference Website Template Hoverboard: a Conference Website Template Hoverboard: a Conference Website Template Hoverboard: a Conference Website Template

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Project Hoverboard is the conference website template that helps you to set up a mobile-first conference website with blog, speaker and schedule management in a few minutes.

The template is created based on 7 years of GDG Lviv team experience of running conferences and feedback from more than 500 event organizers from all around the world who were using previous Hoverboard versions.

Our goal is to allow event organizers to set up a professional conference website with minimum resources. To get started you need only basic knowledge of web technologies and a free Firebase account. The technology stack used for this project is:

  • Polymer 2
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • Service Worker
  • CSS Grid

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Studio #6749b0 rgb(103,73,176)
Santas Gray #a5a4b0 rgb(165,164,176)
Mirage #16182f rgb(22,24,47)
Ebony Clay #242845 rgb(36,40,69)
Royal Purple #6c3cb5 rgb(108,60,181)
Thatch #b59d95 rgb(181,157,149)
Nutmeg #824026 rgb(130,64,38)
Armadillo #423933 rgb(66,57,51)
Lavender #ac84dc rgb(172,132,220)
Havelock Blue #6a71dd rgb(106,113,221)
Scorpion #5f585a rgb(95,88,90)
Russet #7f3f1b rgb(127,63,27)
Rock #4a3931 rgb(74,57,49)
Whiskey #d18d62 rgb(209,141,98)
Lilac Bush #9c84d4 rgb(156,132,212)
Lavender Purple #9c8cbc rgb(156,140,188)
Royal Purple #643ca4 rgb(100,60,164)
Contessa #c76e78 rgb(199,110,120)
Spun Pearl #abaab2 rgb(171,170,178)
Affair #624490 rgb(98,68,144)
Thunder #2b292a rgb(43,41,42)
Light Wisteria #c7a3d5 rgb(199,163,213)
Raw Sienna #ce8e3a rgb(206,142,58)
Natural Gray #908d8b rgb(144,141,139)
Green Pea #1f5338 rgb(31,83,56)
Kabul #604d42 rgb(96,77,66)
Tan #c7a07d rgb(199,160,125)
Porsche #e8b672 rgb(232,182,114)
Logan #a49cc4 rgb(164,156,196)
Ocean Green #449c8c rgb(68,156,140)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Cavern Pink #deb8ae rgb(222,184,174)
Brandy Punch #d08f35 rgb(208,143,53)
Natural Gray #958f89 rgb(149,143,137)
Sea Green #287c57 rgb(40,124,87)
Kabul #59483d rgb(89,72,61)
Ship Cove #768bbe rgb(118,139,190)
Royal Blue #4a85e8 rgb(74,133,232)
Emperor #4d4c4d rgb(77,76,77)
Sea Green #349a5a rgb(52,154,90)
Corduroy #696a6a rgb(105,106,106)
Cashmere #e4b999 rgb(228,185,153)

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