Vue Modern Resume: a Curriculum Vitae built with VueJS Vue Modern Resume: a Curriculum Vitae built with VueJS

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Vue Modern Resume is a simple resume template based on Vue.js framework and Vuetify UI toolkit. Feel free to add your own templates, language supports, bug fixes or improvements. Any kind of help is appreciated! If you make any kind of changes to an existing template, please commit them as a new template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 24 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bay of Many #235a7d rgb(35,90,125)
Kashmir Blue #526e91 rgb(82,110,145)
Chambray #3d648c rgb(61,100,140)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Danube #4c94cc rgb(76,148,204)
East Bay #475e89 rgb(71,94,137)
Catalina Blue #0c4579 rgb(12,69,121)
Ship Gray #444445 rgb(68,68,69)
Beauty Bush #ebaeb4 rgb(235,174,180)
Denim #1c70c9 rgb(28,112,201)
Mamba #95829c rgb(149,130,156)
Chathams Blue #134f7c rgb(19,79,124)
Tundora #424242 rgb(66,66,66)
Beauty Bush #efb7b7 rgb(239,183,183)
Ship Cove #767cc4 rgb(118,124,196)
Gunsmoke #808484 rgb(128,132,132)
Cloud Burst #272b5c rgb(39,43,92)
Fiord #4c5474 rgb(76,84,116)
Danube #6484c4 rgb(100,132,196)
Danube #6986c5 rgb(105,134,197)
Comet #514f73 rgb(81,79,115)
Cloud Burst #24375f rgb(36,55,95)
Charade #242432 rgb(36,36,50)
Blue Marguerite #7c74c3 rgb(124,116,195)

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