Sparsh: a Free Bootstrap Architect Website Template Sparsh: a Free Bootstrap Architect Website Template Sparsh: a Free Bootstrap Architect Website Template Sparsh: a Free Bootstrap Architect Website Template Sparsh: a Free Bootstrap Architect Website Template

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Bring your works and talents online with free Bootstrap architect website template, Sparsh. With this cracking and easy to use tool, you can take your career or business to a whole new level. Now, you can experience the success you always wanted to see for yourself thanks to the sophisticated page you are about to hammer out. With Sparsh, you get the ready-to-use web design that will spark everyone’s interest. Moreover, you can also enhance it with your signature style and customize it however you see it best resonate with your work.

Sparsh is also entirely mobile-ready, flexible and extendable for everyone to get the most out of it regardless of the device and platform they use. Along with the enticing home design, Sparsh also includes other internal sections for you to complete building an active architecture website in close to no time. Enjoy the growth with Sparsh.

The color palette of this template is composed by 53 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Potters Clay #835c33 rgb(131,92,51)
Zambezi #605352 rgb(96,83,82)
Paarl #a76430 rgb(167,100,48)
Trout #4b4a5c rgb(75,74,92)
Saffron #f3c443 rgb(243,196,67)
Tussock #bc9c3c rgb(188,156,60)
Oslo Gray #8c8d90 rgb(140,141,144)
Pesto #7c6c34 rgb(124,108,52)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Saffron #f5c840 rgb(245,200,64)
Bright Sun #fbcb42 rgb(251,203,66)
Jumbo #747479 rgb(116,116,121)
Eternity #1d160b rgb(29,22,11)
Scorpion #5e5d5d rgb(94,93,93)
Equator #e1c062 rgb(225,192,98)
Fun Blue #1567aa rgb(21,103,170)
Pale Oyster #988c80 rgb(152,140,128)
Deep Sapphire #0a3575 rgb(10,53,117)
Flint #696663 rgb(105,102,99)
Saffron #f6c83f rgb(246,200,63)
Havelock Blue #58a8db rgb(88,168,219)
Napa #b3a799 rgb(179,167,153)
Denim #126aaf rgb(18,106,175)
Flint #65605c rgb(101,96,92)
Bright Sun #facb42 rgb(250,203,66)
Minsk #3d2d79 rgb(61,45,121)
Yellow Metal #755a3a rgb(117,90,58)
Vin Rouge #9c4672 rgb(156,70,114)
Martinique #38325a rgb(56,50,90)
Di Serria #db9e66 rgb(219,158,102)
Minsk #382d7b rgb(56,45,123)
Rum #7b6782 rgb(123,103,130)
Spice #714436 rgb(113,68,54)
Martinique #36305b rgb(54,48,91)
Danube #66acd2 rgb(102,172,210)
Bright Sun #fccc44 rgb(252,204,68)
Roman Coffee #74614f rgb(116,97,79)
Mirage #14142a rgb(20,20,42)
Steel Gray #242434 rgb(36,36,52)
Tan #cca489 rgb(204,164,137)
Saffron #f8c93f rgb(248,201,63)
Sandal #ac8c6c rgb(172,140,108)
Mirage #121427 rgb(18,20,39)
Storm Dust #686961 rgb(104,105,97)
Cameo #dcb89a rgb(220,184,154)
Tan #d1ab8a rgb(209,171,138)
Tobacco Brown #715744 rgb(113,87,68)
Haiti #0b132b rgb(11,19,43)
Bright Sun #facb44 rgb(250,203,68)
Storm Gray #6e6f7b rgb(110,111,123)
Ebony #111025 rgb(17,16,37)
Tobacco Brown #74533e rgb(116,83,62)
Sorrell Brown #cfb098 rgb(207,176,152)

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