Loaft: a Spectacular Free Modern Design Website Template Loaft: a Spectacular Free Modern Design Website Template Loaft: a Spectacular Free Modern Design Website Template Loaft: a Spectacular Free Modern Design Website Template

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Loaft is a spectacular free modern design website template with a clean and to the point layout. If you would like to impress your visitors and spark interest in potential clients, Loaft is the way to go. You do not need to start from scratch anymore. At no cost, you can get yourself a killer web design that will get you going quicker than you think.

Based on Bootstrap Framework, Loaft ensures full flexibility and extendability. Your website will look amazing on mobile and desktop devices, as well as modern web browsers. In short, all your guests will enjoy the same fantastic experience, regardless of where they come from. In addition to that, Loaft spices things up with hover effects, animations, offers newsletter subscription widget and sections for your works, blog and contact (Google Maps included).

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cream Can #f4cc54 rgb(244,204,84)
Cement #937a6a rgb(147,122,106)
Dallas #7a4c29 rgb(122,76,41)
Roman Coffee #80604a rgb(128,96,74)
Botticelli #d4e4ec rgb(212,228,236)
Raw Sienna #da8a49 rgb(218,138,73)
Regent Gray #818a96 rgb(129,138,150)
Old Copper #774934 rgb(119,73,52)
Shuttle Gray #5a646d rgb(90,100,109)
Porsche #e6a961 rgb(230,169,97)
Sepia Skin #955f43 rgb(149,95,67)
Cement #8b7166 rgb(139,113,102)
Ironstone #794636 rgb(121,70,54)
Mine Shaft #323131 rgb(50,49,49)
Porsche #ecb066 rgb(236,176,102)
Blue Bell #9490cc rgb(148,144,204)
Gray Chateau #9ca4ac rgb(156,164,172)
Port Gore #2d295a rgb(45,41,90)
Wheat #f4e4b4 rgb(244,228,180)
Cream Can #f1c85a rgb(241,200,90)
Tobacco Brown #766547 rgb(118,101,71)
Cloud Burst #222f48 rgb(34,47,72)
Thunder #242223 rgb(36,34,35)
Quarter Spanish White #f6f0db rgb(246,240,219)
Polo Blue #8ca4cc rgb(140,164,204)
Bronco #a7a093 rgb(167,160,147)
Irish Coffee #5a3925 rgb(90,57,37)
Shadow #847454 rgb(132,116,84)
Spindle #a8c4ea rgb(168,196,234)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Blue Dianne #243c4c rgb(36,60,76)
Corduroy #575a5a rgb(87,90,90)
White Rock #ede9d9 rgb(237,233,217)
Old Copper #734830 rgb(115,72,48)
Shadow #7f6d4f rgb(127,109,79)
Kenyan Copper #751c08 rgb(117,28,8)
Zeus #1d1815 rgb(29,24,21)
Rob Roy #ecbf71 rgb(236,191,113)
Cream Can #f3cb54 rgb(243,203,84)
River Bed #485361 rgb(72,83,97)
Black Pearl #040414 rgb(4,4,20)
Outer Space #2c353c rgb(44,53,60)
Straw #d3c28d rgb(211,194,141)

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