Astral: a Free Architect Website Template Astral: a Free Architect Website Template Astral: a Free Architect Website Template

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To appear online in a distinct, original and creative way, Astral is the free architect website template you should consider. It is a sophisticated Bootstrap Framework based tool that will take your architecture firm to new heights easily. Just as professional as your work is, so will be your web presence based on the impressive and awe-inspiring Astral. And it can be yours right now, for free. Astral is just a click away, ready and set for you to put it to use and benefit from its amazing perks greatly.

Showcase your works, advertise your services and attain a whole new clientele all due to the first-class architect website you are about to bring to reality. Moreover, Astral also follows all the latest trends and regulations to make sure your online presence works fluently at all times, on all platforms.

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cream Can #f2cb51 rgb(242,203,81)
Blue Bayoux #506e82 rgb(80,110,130)
Firefly #0b1b22 rgb(11,27,34)
Rhino #284454 rgb(40,68,84)
Pigeon Post #abccdb rgb(171,204,219)
Apple #3cc040 rgb(60,192,64)
Tapa #7c746c rgb(124,116,108)
Green Pea #1f6521 rgb(31,101,33)
Nevada #6c7074 rgb(108,112,116)
Sandwisp #f4e4a4 rgb(244,228,164)
Sundance #ceb15c rgb(206,177,92)
Shuttle Gray #61666c rgb(97,102,108)
Cello #1d3d53 rgb(29,61,83)
Woodsmoke #0a0a0d rgb(10,10,13)
Hampton #e2d1a5 rgb(226,209,165)
Cream Can #f6d151 rgb(246,209,81)
Sirocco #6c7474 rgb(108,116,116)
Yukon Gold #7e6306 rgb(126,99,6)
Shark #242626 rgb(36,38,38)
Cream Can #f4d048 rgb(244,208,72)
Jumbo #7c7c84 rgb(124,124,132)
Sycamore #9c8434 rgb(156,132,52)
Tapa #747470 rgb(116,116,112)
Saffron Mango #f8cc46 rgb(248,204,70)
Oslo Gray #93989d rgb(147,152,157)
Graphite #201a07 rgb(32,26,7)
Shark #272829 rgb(39,40,41)
Wild Rice #ebd894 rgb(235,216,148)
Saffron Mango #f8cc47 rgb(248,204,71)
Oslo Gray #959a9d rgb(149,154,157)
Graphite #211c07 rgb(33,28,7)
Chalky #efdb95 rgb(239,219,149)

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