Industrie: a Free Industry Website Template Industrie: a Free Industry Website Template Industrie: a Free Industry Website Template Industrie: a Free Industry Website Template

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Industrie is your go-to tool, your best free industry website template for your flourishing company. If you are in oil and gas business, offer industrial construction, mechanical engineering or automated manufacturing, whatever the case, Industrie is here to get your firm on the web and grow it to the Moon. It has all the necessary material to boost your online presence and show your professionalism and expertness. Impress all and everyone that visits your website and increase the potential of winning them over with your refinement.

What’s more, Industrie follows all the latest web and tech regulations to offer a continuous smooth and seamless experience. Regardless of where they come from, Industrie is mobile and browsers optimized to always perform at the highest level. Of course, you will find Industrie insanely easy to use and edit, too.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Pomegranate #ef3d2f rgb(239,61,47)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Asphalt #0c0804 rgb(12,8,4)
Cape Cod #434444 rgb(67,68,68)
Amaranth #f0424c rgb(240,66,76)
Sepia Skin #a05541 rgb(160,85,65)
Nevada #64707c rgb(100,112,124)
Quincy #64392c rgb(100,57,44)
Fiord #3a5162 rgb(58,81,98)
My Pink #d49e8e rgb(212,158,142)
Sepia Skin #9d5342 rgb(157,83,66)
Sandal #b18369 rgb(177,131,105)
Irish Coffee #5b2921 rgb(91,41,33)
Woodsmoke #09090a rgb(9,9,10)
Eunry #d0a59a rgb(208,165,154)
De York #6cbc84 rgb(108,188,132)
Spicy Mix #89544b rgb(137,84,75)
Espresso #521f14 rgb(82,31,20)
Cutty Sark #546c77 rgb(84,108,119)
Flame Pea #dc5c40 rgb(220,92,64)
Spicy Mix #925345 rgb(146,83,69)
Quicksand #bb9e92 rgb(187,158,146)
Pueblo #842a17 rgb(132,42,23)
Kabul #53423d rgb(83,66,61)
Red Damask #d85e45 rgb(216,94,69)
Pomegranate #f43c2c rgb(244,60,44)
Zorba #9d9290 rgb(157,146,144)
Apple #30b030 rgb(48,176,48)
Cod Gray #141414 rgb(20,20,20)
Red Orange #fc4434 rgb(252,68,52)
Mojo #cc4c3c rgb(204,76,60)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Metallic Copper #69241b rgb(105,36,27)
Cod Gray #1c1c1c rgb(28,28,28)
Mojo #c34b3c rgb(195,75,60)
Boulder #757575 rgb(117,117,117)
Spice #723a30 rgb(114,58,48)
Abbey #5a5b5d rgb(90,91,93)
Japonica #dd7274 rgb(221,114,116)
Mojo #c34c3c rgb(195,76,60)
Nevada #696b6d rgb(105,107,109)
Metallic Copper #65271f rgb(101,39,31)
Cod Gray #1b1b1b rgb(27,27,27)
Chestnut Rose #cc504e rgb(204,80,78)

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