Maxitechture: a Free Architecture Website Template Maxitechture: a Free Architecture Website Template Maxitechture: a Free Architecture Website Template Maxitechture: a Free Architecture Website Template

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Make your firm stand out a mile with Maxitechture free architecture website template and shine online. Maxitechture is a free Bootstrap tool that follows all the latest web and tech regulations. What’s more, the site skin is optimized for search engines, fast loading speed and overall high-end performance. Maxitechture is also fully organized and very simple to use for everyone to get the most out of it.

If you happen to be in the architecture industry, Maxitechture is your best option for hammering out the right website for your business. It has a clean and minimal web design, emphasizing your content first and foremost. Build customer trust with testimonials, start an architecture blog and put your completed works on display. Speed things up with Maxitechture template and go live ASAP.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Citrus #a4cc06 rgb(164,204,6)
Nevada #647880 rgb(100,120,128)
Blue Dianne #224053 rgb(34,64,83)
Tobacco Brown #6e5646 rgb(110,86,70)
Pistachio #a4cc04 rgb(164,204,4)
Regent Gray #8e9aa2 rgb(142,154,162)
Espresso #5c2918 rgb(92,41,24)
Spicy Mix #89563e rgb(137,86,62)
Jaffa #ec9c48 rgb(236,156,72)
Citrus #accb08 rgb(172,203,8)
Gray Chateau #97a0a8 rgb(151,160,168)
Espresso #5d2919 rgb(93,41,25)
Shuttle Gray #5e656b rgb(94,101,107)
Chalky #efcd9d rgb(239,205,157)
Manz #dcec70 rgb(220,236,112)
Oslo Gray #849494 rgb(132,148,148)
Key Lime Pie #9cc41c rgb(156,196,28)
Outer Space #1c2424 rgb(28,36,36)
Hampton #e0e4b2 rgb(224,228,178)
Wild Willow #b9c965 rgb(185,201,101)
Concord #807f7e rgb(128,127,126)
Rio Grande #accb04 rgb(172,203,4)
Thunder #242324 rgb(36,35,36)
Hampton #e1e2ac rgb(225,226,172)
Rio Grande #accc05 rgb(172,204,5)
Bali Hai #80a4b4 rgb(128,164,180)
Scorpion #595757 rgb(89,87,87)
Pine Glade #d1cf9e rgb(209,207,158)
Comet #545c74 rgb(84,92,116)
Black Pearl #040414 rgb(4,4,20)
Trout #4c4c5c rgb(76,76,92)
Sahara Sand #e4f490 rgb(228,244,144)
Celery #bccd5c rgb(188,205,92)
Hit Gray #93a2aa rgb(147,162,170)
Ebony #0e101f rgb(14,16,31)
Scarpa Flow #585759 rgb(88,87,89)
Aths Special #e9ebc5 rgb(233,235,197)
Pistachio #a4cb04 rgb(164,203,4)
Shuttle Gray #66696f rgb(102,105,111)
Armadillo #4c4740 rgb(76,71,64)
Sapling #dbdda3 rgb(219,221,163)

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