Woodrox: a Responsive Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Woodrox: a Responsive Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Woodrox: a Responsive Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Woodrox: a Responsive Free HTML Interior Design Website Template

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Woodrox is a modern, clean and responsive free HTML interior design website template. It is based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework what guarantees flexibility and extendability of the final layout creation. That said, your website will work stunningly on handheld devices, as well as desktop computers. Woodrox is also retina-ready and in tune with major web browsers for a constant smooth and stable experience.

Some of the many great features of the Woodrox template are big banner, call-to-action buttons, hover effects, sticky navigation and a working contact form. You will also find Google Maps, blog and newsletter subscription widget integrated into the web design. Moreover, you can utilize Woodrox out of the box, or you can modify it to fit your needs and regulations to the T.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sun #f9bb0c rgb(249,187,12)
Shuttle Gray #5f6770 rgb(95,103,112)
Vulcan #090b13 rgb(9,11,19)
Gravel #48424c rgb(72,66,76)
Laser #c6b671 rgb(198,182,113)
Cape Palliser #9a6f3f rgb(154,111,63)
Gray Chateau #a1a8b0 rgb(161,168,176)
Crete #5c7e34 rgb(92,126,52)
Thunder #2a2829 rgb(42,40,41)
Olivine #9cc474 rgb(156,196,116)
Chalet Green #5b7c39 rgb(91,124,57)
Chelsea Cucumber #90a45d rgb(144,164,93)
Sepia Skin #9b613b rgb(155,97,59)
Thunder #2b2729 rgb(43,39,41)
Tulip Tree #eb9f3e rgb(235,159,62)
Cement #846c5c rgb(132,108,92)
Cocoa Brown #2c2421 rgb(44,36,33)
Hint of Yellow #fcfcdc rgb(252,252,220)
Saffron #efbf2c rgb(239,191,44)
Nevada #666e79 rgb(102,110,121)
Yukon Gold #7b5f09 rgb(123,95,9)
Baltic Sea #232225 rgb(35,34,37)
Pigeon Post #acccdb rgb(172,204,219)
Cream Can #f4c561 rgb(244,197,97)
Manatee #989da5 rgb(152,157,165)
Bull Shot #81511e rgb(129,81,30)
Cape Cod #3c4c4c rgb(60,76,76)
Di Serria #dc9c64 rgb(220,156,100)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Nevada #6e7174 rgb(110,113,116)
Botticelli #dce4f0 rgb(220,228,240)
Buttercup #f5bb10 rgb(245,187,16)
Fuscous Gray #544f46 rgb(84,79,70)
Kumera #945b25 rgb(148,91,37)
Cod Gray #0c0b0c rgb(12,11,12)
Calico #e3c397 rgb(227,195,151)
Buttercup #f3ba16 rgb(243,186,22)
Jumbo #747375 rgb(116,115,117)
Kumera #986b20 rgb(152,107,32)
Masala #4a4745 rgb(74,71,69)
Zombie #e9dba3 rgb(233,219,163)

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