Buildarch: a Free Architect Website Template Buildarch: a Free Architect Website Template Buildarch: a Free Architect Website Template Buildarch: a Free Architect Website Template

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No doubt, if you are in need of a free architect website template, Buildarch is very likely the particular page canvas that you need. You will find it of great use due to its many features and assets that are neatly packed in the bundle. Once you unbox the Buildarch package, you will see how close you are to realizing your architecture website. Bring your firm to the world wide web and get known.

Buildarch is a Bootstrap-based template that allows all users to view your page from their device of choice. Along with mobile-readiness, Buildarch is also compatible with retina screens and all modern web browsers. Sticky navigation, unique full-screen banner, enticing testimonials slider, animated statistics and newsletter subscription, it is all at your fingertips. Of course, you will also find a full contact page with form and Google Maps for your convenience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Pistachio #a4ca05 rgb(164,202,5)
Trout #515866 rgb(81,88,102)
Big Stone #192d3d rgb(25,45,61)
Pickled Bluewood #2b4453 rgb(43,68,83)
Zombie #e4e692 rgb(228,230,146)
Antique Brass #ca9164 rgb(202,145,100)
Regent Gray #7d8a9a rgb(125,138,154)
Pistachio #a4cc04 rgb(164,204,4)
Pine Cone #635c57 rgb(99,92,87)
Pear #cce43c rgb(204,228,60)
Korma #935411 rgb(147,84,17)
Slate Gray #798793 rgb(121,135,147)
Citrus #a4cb05 rgb(164,203,5)
Scorpion #645f5f rgb(100,95,95)
Sorrell Brown #d2b69d rgb(210,182,157)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Bahia #accc0d rgb(172,204,13)
Tuna #34343c rgb(52,52,60)
Honeysuckle #e4fc7c rgb(228,252,124)
Pistachio #a3cb04 rgb(163,203,4)
Dorado #5f504b rgb(95,80,75)
Hairy Heath #6d2d14 rgb(109,45,20)
Nandor #44524a rgb(68,82,74)
Catskill White #f4faf9 rgb(244,250,249)
Bermuda Gray #6c869f rgb(108,134,159)
La Rioja #b0cf13 rgb(176,207,19)
Limed Spruce #35434b rgb(53,67,75)
Yuma #cfc794 rgb(207,199,148)
La Rioja #adc415 rgb(173,196,21)
Gunsmoke #767b79 rgb(118,123,121)
Peat #706a57 rgb(112,106,87)
Pear #cce444 rgb(204,228,68)
Boston Blue #3594c2 rgb(53,148,194)
Manatee #8a8e9d rgb(138,142,157)
Calypso #3b7598 rgb(59,117,152)
Oxford Blue #30424b rgb(48,66,75)
Spindle #b8d8ef rgb(184,216,239)
Pistachio #a4cb04 rgb(164,203,4)
Oslo Gray #8f9090 rgb(143,144,144)
Black Pearl #040414 rgb(4,4,20)
Shuttle Gray #676a70 rgb(103,106,112)
Celery #b4c957 rgb(180,201,87)

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