Tough: a Solid Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Tough: a Solid Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Tough: a Solid Free HTML Interior Design Website Template Tough: a Solid Free HTML Interior Design Website Template

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No doubt, Tough is a solid free HTML interior design website template that helps you push your works and services to a new degree. The template has a remarkable concept with innovative touches that will spark everyone’s interest and have them hooked and intrigued. Make sure you appear on the web just as professional as your work is and grow your business above and beyond. With Tough, achieving extraordinary results is very possible.

Carousels, on scroll content load, hover effects, testimonials slider and pricing plans are just some of the many features and assets Tough brings to the table. As far as the tech part goes, Tough is based on Bootstrap and follows all the latest tech trends and online regulations. Your outcome will stand the test of time and produce a continuously smooth experience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Steel Blue #4f7caf rgb(79,124,175)
Oslo Gray #83868d rgb(131,134,141)
Big Stone #1c2c3e rgb(28,44,62)
Mirage #1b212e rgb(27,33,46)
Botticelli #dae2ee rgb(218,226,238)
Hippie Blue #5494b4 rgb(84,148,180)
Teak #b6906f rgb(182,144,111)
Tamarind #2c1214 rgb(44,18,20)
Trout #4c5463 rgb(76,84,99)
Brandy #dcbc94 rgb(220,188,148)
Antique Brass #c69c77 rgb(198,156,119)
Mamba #8e839b rgb(142,131,155)
Nutmeg #743b28 rgb(116,59,40)
Gondola #2d1618 rgb(45,22,24)
Polo Blue #8cb4d2 rgb(140,180,210)
St Tropaz #225992 rgb(34,89,146)
Russett #786458 rgb(120,100,88)
Matisse #2464ac rgb(36,100,172)
Limed Spruce #313d47 rgb(49,61,71)
Black Squeeze #f8fcfc rgb(248,252,252)
St Tropaz #255893 rgb(37,88,147)
Hippie Blue #679eb2 rgb(103,158,178)
Big Stone #192838 rgb(25,40,56)
Pine Cone #776256 rgb(119,98,86)
Danube #5b9ccc rgb(91,156,204)
Shamrock #54d49c rgb(84,212,156)
Edward #a4aca9 rgb(164,172,169)
Green Pea #1a6947 rgb(26,105,71)
Trout #4c5464 rgb(76,84,100)
Apricot Peach #f8ccb8 rgb(248,204,184)
San Marino #4a5fb4 rgb(74,95,180)
Rolling Stone #7c848c rgb(124,132,140)
Cloud Burst #1c2444 rgb(28,36,68)
Trout #4c5460 rgb(76,84,96)
Skeptic #c4e4dc rgb(196,228,220)
Emerald #5ccf9c rgb(92,207,156)
Oslo Gray #8b9094 rgb(139,144,148)
Paradiso #34846c rgb(52,132,108)
Bistre #422f23 rgb(66,47,35)
Cameo #debfad rgb(222,191,173)
Red #e60909 rgb(230,9,9)
Acapulco #81b3a3 rgb(129,179,163)
Astronaut #24346c rgb(36,52,108)
Trout #4c5564 rgb(76,85,100)
Sinbad #acd9cc rgb(172,217,204)

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