Interior: a Free Interior Design Website Templates Interior: a Free Interior Design Website Templates Interior: a Free Interior Design Website Templates Interior: a Free Interior Design Website Templates

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You do not need much introduction to know that Interior is one of the best free interior design website templates. It sports a very straightforward web design with loads of cool features, like the full-screen banner and the outstanding hover effects. Sticky and transparent navigation, contact page with Google Maps and functional form and marvelous projects page are other superb goodies of Interior.

The template is based on Bootstrap Framework and practices the latest web and tech trends. Interior is compatible with all modern devices and browsers and ensures your online appearance to be a remarkable one. Feel free to start a blog with the included pages and bring your company to the entirely new level. What’s more, Interior also works great with an architectural firm and decoration services.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Laser #c3b26c rgb(195,178,108)
Jumbo #7a787d rgb(122,120,125)
Kumera #916e29 rgb(145,110,41)
Rock #4c3b38 rgb(76,59,56)
Laser #ccb068 rgb(204,176,104)
Copper #ba7537 rgb(186,117,55)
Roman Coffee #81604e rgb(129,96,78)
Gable Green #142a30 rgb(20,42,48)
Pine Cone #64534c rgb(100,83,76)
Calico #dcb48c rgb(220,180,140)
Copper #ba783e rgb(186,120,62)
Teak #b69072 rgb(182,144,114)
Mikado #2d1f10 rgb(45,31,16)
Ebony Clay #202e33 rgb(32,46,51)
Almond #ecd5c7 rgb(236,213,199)
Laser #c4b46b rgb(196,180,107)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Irish Coffee #5e5425 rgb(94,84,37)
Tuatara #373734 rgb(55,55,52)
Laser #ccb169 rgb(204,177,105)
Laser #c4b46c rgb(196,180,108)
Nomad #b5b0a4 rgb(181,176,164)
Mikado #322813 rgb(50,40,19)
Tuatara #383834 rgb(56,56,52)
Laser #ccaf6a rgb(204,175,106)
Laser #c6b270 rgb(198,178,112)
Friar Gray #84847c rgb(132,132,124)
Black Marlin #372b1a rgb(55,43,26)
Scorpion #645e5e rgb(100,94,94)
Laser #c4b464 rgb(196,180,100)
Chestnut Rose #c85860 rgb(200,88,96)
Nevada #646c74 rgb(100,108,116)
Wine Berry #632025 rgb(99,32,37)
Thunder #3c3b3c rgb(60,59,60)
White Lilac #f7f4fc rgb(247,244,252)
Laser #c4b168 rgb(196,177,104)
Coffee #786b5b rgb(120,107,91)
Eternity #281c10 rgb(40,28,16)
Black Marlin #372b19 rgb(55,43,25)
Stark White #e5d9c2 rgb(229,217,194)
Laser #c3b169 rgb(195,177,105)
Dawn #a19f9b rgb(161,159,155)
Mirage #16232e rgb(22,35,46)
Mine Shaft #3b3b3b rgb(59,59,59)
Aths Special #eae4ce rgb(234,228,206)

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