Arcade: a Free Construction Business Website Template Arcade: a Free Construction Business Website Template Arcade: a Free Construction Business Website Template Arcade: a Free Construction Business Website Template

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Arcade is a free construction business website template that everyone will find very appealing to the eye. Even for architecture and other building companies and projects, Arcade is a great template to sort you out with a well-structured website. Do not miss the clean, elegant and innovative web design with a distinct selection of colors and typography.

Browsing and flipping through the live preview will give you a better understanding how much you can do with Arcade template. Its uniqueness and to the point approach glues everyone to their screens in a snap. From the immense and jaw-dropping slideshow and social media icons all the way to cool hover effects and filterable portfolio, Arcade thought about everything. Along with the enticing homepage design, Arcade free construction company website template also has an array of other inner pages.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Old Copper #78512e rgb(120,81,46)
Leather #937156 rgb(147,113,86)
Bahia #a6cd0b rgb(166,205,11)
Fuscous Gray #50504b rgb(80,80,75)
White Linen #f8f5e8 rgb(248,245,232)
Muddy Waters #b58664 rgb(181,134,100)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Shingle Fawn #704a34 rgb(112,74,52)
Abbey #46494c rgb(70,73,76)
Di Serria #dca46c rgb(220,164,108)
Antique Brass #c38b61 rgb(195,139,97)
Millbrook #6b4739 rgb(107,71,57)
Eternity #171209 rgb(23,18,9)
Flint #716c69 rgb(113,108,105)
Gold Sand #e6ba8d rgb(230,186,141)
Lime #bdf90a rgb(189,249,10)
Spicy Pink #7b6e6c rgb(123,110,108)
Olive Drab #7c9c24 rgb(124,156,36)
Kabul #634e48 rgb(99,78,72)
Lime #bcf90b rgb(188,249,11)
Sandstone #75645f rgb(117,100,95)
Pine Tree #1d2a05 rgb(29,42,5)
Taupe #4f423c rgb(79,66,60)
Pear #c4ec34 rgb(196,236,52)
Corduroy #545c5c rgb(84,92,92)
Vida Loca #648c14 rgb(100,140,20)
Fuscous Gray #4e4e46 rgb(78,78,70)
Periwinkle Gray #bcd4e4 rgb(188,212,228)
Di Serria #d4945c rgb(212,148,92)
Russett #745c5c rgb(116,92,92)
Spicy Mix #84543c rgb(132,84,60)
Cod Gray #1c1b1b rgb(28,27,27)
Whiskey #d2a074 rgb(210,160,116)
Lime #bcf90d rgb(188,249,13)
Millbrook #664839 rgb(102,72,57)
Christi #79a115 rgb(121,161,21)
Rock #4c3c39 rgb(76,60,57)
Golden Fizz #d4f838 rgb(212,248,56)
Cape Palliser #a76c4a rgb(167,108,74)
Gray Chateau #a2a5a8 rgb(162,165,168)
Potters Clay #905136 rgb(144,81,54)
Kabul #69463c rgb(105,70,60)
Whiskey #d39f6d rgb(211,159,109)

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