Architect: a Free Architecture and Construction Website Template Architect: a Free Architecture and Construction Website Template Architect: a Free Architecture and Construction Website Template Architect: a Free Architecture and Construction Website Template

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You can do mighty things with Architect free architecture and construction website template. Running a website in the building industry comes exceptionally beneficial in regards to the success of your business. From now on, it is not only your properties and other creations that will inspire and impress folks, spark their interest online, too. It is your website, which you are about to bring into being with Architect template, which will help you attain remarkable things.

Architect template has many premium features and a cutting-edge web design with loads of solid features. Enjoy the full-screen slideshow, parallax effect, animated statistics, on-scroll liveliness and unique testimonials slider. Besides, the template takes care of newsletter subscription form and uses a practical back to top button. Various inner pages for projects and services are also part of the Architect free website building kit.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Saffron #f4cc34 rgb(244,204,52)
Stack #909491 rgb(144,148,145)
Brown Derby #4f2815 rgb(79,40,21)
Shark #282c2d rgb(40,44,45)
Tulip Tree #ecc434 rgb(236,196,52)
Rolling Stone #747c84 rgb(116,124,132)
Te Papa Green #1c343c rgb(28,52,60)
Woodsmoke #0e1113 rgb(14,17,19)
Sandwisp #f4ec9c rgb(244,236,156)
Ronchi #eed244 rgb(238,210,68)
Oslo Gray #8f9395 rgb(143,147,149)
Gable Green #1a2f3a rgb(26,47,58)
Mako #3d464a rgb(61,70,74)
Sweet Corn #f9f290 rgb(249,242,144)
Supernova #facc07 rgb(250,204,7)
Nevada #5c6264 rgb(92,98,100)
Aztec #091312 rgb(9,19,18)
Cape Cod #384143 rgb(56,65,67)
Saffron #f4c434 rgb(244,196,52)
Supernova #facc09 rgb(250,204,9)
Tapa #7a7672 rgb(122,118,114)
Abbey #495156 rgb(73,81,86)
Texas #f9f297 rgb(249,242,151)
Supernova #fccc04 rgb(252,204,4)
Silver Chalice #aeaeae rgb(174,174,174)
Olive #836901 rgb(131,105,1)
Merlin #454442 rgb(69,68,66)
Glacier #74a4c4 rgb(116,164,196)
Regent Gray #8c949c rgb(140,148,156)
Turtle Green #243008 rgb(36,48,8)
Flint #726d62 rgb(114,109,98)
Bright Sun #fce048 rgb(252,224,72)
Candlelight #f9cc0f rgb(249,204,15)
Leather #926354 rgb(146,99,84)
Yukon Gold #816903 rgb(129,105,3)
Dove Gray #616161 rgb(97,97,97)
Glacier #6ca4c2 rgb(108,164,194)
Supernova #fbcc04 rgb(251,204,4)
Ironside Gray #73736d rgb(115,115,109)
Cannon Black #252106 rgb(37,33,6)
Taupe #433a2f rgb(67,58,47)
Confetti #ebd358 rgb(235,211,88)

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