Layal: a Free Professional Interior Design Website Template Layal: a Free Professional Interior Design Website Template Layal: a Free Professional Interior Design Website Template

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Layal is a free yet professional interior design website template with beautiful design, pixel perfect execution and clean code base. It will work well for interior designers, architects, painters or any other small business.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Spice #744435 rgb(116,68,53)
Leather #8b6351 rgb(139,99,81)
Tall Poppy #b72c2e rgb(183,44,46)
Ebony Clay #242744 rgb(36,39,68)
Eunry #cead99 rgb(206,173,153)
Terracotta #e27c5e rgb(226,124,94)
Old Lavender #745c74 rgb(116,92,116)
Hairy Heath #702914 rgb(112,41,20)
Outer Space #242828 rgb(36,40,40)
Havelock Blue #4c79d9 rgb(76,121,217)
Moody Blue #7d88cc rgb(125,136,204)
Rum #7e6d8d rgb(126,109,141)
Azure #3461ac rgb(52,97,172)
Mine Shaft #322e2f rgb(50,46,47)
Terracotta #e37d5c rgb(227,125,92)
Malibu #6cc4f2 rgb(108,196,242)
Lily #bf98b3 rgb(191,152,179)
Mirage #141b2a rgb(20,27,42)
Tuna #34343c rgb(52,52,60)
Terracotta #e47c64 rgb(228,124,100)
Cornflower Blue #64a5e4 rgb(100,165,228)
Nevada #60686c rgb(96,104,108)
Creole #1c1004 rgb(28,16,4)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Malibu #70c4f1 rgb(112,196,241)
Havelock Blue #5d90e0 rgb(93,144,224)
Rum #73687d rgb(115,104,125)
Firefly #0b1b2b rgb(11,27,43)
Comet #575776 rgb(87,87,118)
Copperfield #e2846a rgb(226,132,106)
Indigo #5176ce rgb(81,118,206)
Ironside Gray #686765 rgb(104,103,101)
Espresso #5c281c rgb(92,40,28)
Nandor #4f5757 rgb(79,87,87)
Sky Blue #6cbdef rgb(108,189,239)

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