Barberz: a Modern and Professional Free barber Services Website Template Barberz: a Modern and Professional Free barber Services Website Template Barberz: a Modern and Professional Free barber Services Website Template Barberz: a Modern and Professional Free barber Services Website Template Barberz: a Modern and Professional Free barber Services Website Template

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Barberz is a modern, elegant, trendy and professional free barber services website template. It is a tool which will help you speed up the creation of your website and take your business to new heights. Every man can now hit up your website and learn all about your services, work schedule and prices. With beautiful imagery and your outstanding offerings, you increase your potential of winning them over undoubtedly.

Additional features of Barberz include parallax effect, testimonials, functional contact form, newsletter subscription and an about page. Also, Barberz comes with a blog which you can use for all sorts of intentions, like sharing tips and tricks on grooming and other whatnot. Go the extra mile with Barberz and establish an outstanding online presence which will help you make a difference.

The color palette of this template is composed by 55 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Valencia #d7374a rgb(215,55,74)
Mid Gray #636168 rgb(99,97,104)
Cork #3f291c rgb(63,41,28)
Mid Gray #6b6c72 rgb(107,108,114)
Shilo #e7aead rgb(231,174,173)
Eunry #ca9d8f rgb(202,157,143)
Ferra #65514a rgb(101,81,74)
Firefly #080f22 rgb(8,15,34)
Dune #282320 rgb(40,35,32)
Desert Sand #ecbfa4 rgb(236,191,164)
Valencia #db394a rgb(219,57,74)
Leather #976153 rgb(151,97,83)
Copper Canyon #873f16 rgb(135,63,22)
Thunder #232021 rgb(35,32,33)
Cashmere #e4bba1 rgb(228,187,161)
Twine #bc8c4c rgb(188,140,76)
Sandstone #786861 rgb(120,104,97)
Shingle Fawn #6c4c34 rgb(108,76,52)
Mako #444c54 rgb(68,76,84)
Desert Sand #ecc7b0 rgb(236,199,176)
Flush Mahogany #cb3d4d rgb(203,61,77)
Toast #a17e6b rgb(161,126,107)
Tosca #964740 rgb(150,71,64)
Kabul #594239 rgb(89,66,57)
Desert Sand #efcab1 rgb(239,202,177)
Valencia #d9354a rgb(217,53,74)
Pale Oyster #9c9484 rgb(156,148,132)
Quincy #65442f rgb(101,68,47)
English Walnut #3a2d21 rgb(58,45,33)
Albescent White #f5e2d5 rgb(245,226,213)
Valencia #d93647 rgb(217,54,71)
Storm Dust #646462 rgb(100,100,98)
Old Copper #754e33 rgb(117,78,51)
Quincy #583f2b rgb(88,63,43)
Petite Orchid #e096a8 rgb(224,150,168)
Red Damask #d4544c rgb(212,84,76)
Lynch #74849c rgb(116,132,156)
Persian Plum #6a1e19 rgb(106,30,25)
Flint #67605b rgb(103,96,91)
Kobi #ec9cbc rgb(236,156,188)
Punch #dc3448 rgb(220,52,72)
Sandal #ac8c74 rgb(172,140,116)
Mirage #121528 rgb(18,21,40)
Scarpa Flow #5a5a5c rgb(90,90,92)
Puce #cc7c84 rgb(204,124,132)
Flush Mahogany #cf4354 rgb(207,67,84)
Sand Dune #81665d rgb(129,102,93)
Blue Dianne #234353 rgb(35,67,83)
Abbey #565b5f rgb(86,91,95)
Eunry #d09f9d rgb(208,159,157)
Valencia #d73647 rgb(215,54,71)
Emperor #535052 rgb(83,80,82)
Ebony #0e1428 rgb(14,20,40)
Dune #2e2726 rgb(46,39,38)
Aths Special #ebe6cd rgb(235,230,205)

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