Hipstyle: a Free Barber Shop Website Template Hipstyle: a Free Barber Shop Website Template Hipstyle: a Free Barber Shop Website Template Hipstyle: a Free Barber Shop Website Template Hipstyle: a Free Barber Shop Website Template

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If you are looking for a dope free barber shop website template, Hipstyle is the one solution you should consider. The page canvas follows all the modern web and tech trends, making sure the end product runs and operates with steadiness on all devices and platforms. Of course, the web design of Hipstyle is minimal, clean and elegant. Have in mind, you can also use Hipstyle as a one-page website template, where you can provide all the information, portfolio and services using a single page.

From sticky transparent navigation, call-to-action buttons and drop-down menu to hover effects, pricing plans and newsletter subscription form, Hipstyle has it all and then some. There is also a fully functional appointment form with date and time pickers, as well as blog section. Last but not least, contact form and Google Maps are also in the bundle for your convenience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Antique Brass #c69b78 rgb(198,155,120)
Soya Bean #685c4e rgb(104,92,78)
Cape Palliser #946541 rgb(148,101,65)
Armadillo #4a423c rgb(74,66,60)
Mandys Pink #f2c1bd rgb(242,193,189)
Pomegranate #ee302e rgb(238,48,46)
Mid Gray #64646c rgb(100,100,108)
Dark Burgundy #7a0b09 rgb(122,11,9)
Mine Shaft #2b2a2a rgb(43,42,42)
Carnation #f46164 rgb(244,97,100)
Pomegranate #f62e2d rgb(246,46,45)
Dove Gray #776f6d rgb(119,111,109)
Firefly #0b172c rgb(11,23,44)
Baltic Sea #2b2a2c rgb(43,42,44)
My Pink #cb9082 rgb(203,144,130)
Antique Brass #cc9974 rgb(204,153,116)
Abbey #575858 rgb(87,88,88)
Pickled Bean #744028 rgb(116,64,40)
Kabul #54463d rgb(84,70,61)
Sunglo #ea686c rgb(234,104,108)
Cape Palliser #9d6f4b rgb(157,111,75)
Gunsmoke #7e8181 rgb(126,129,129)
Paarl #944f28 rgb(148,79,40)
Shark #2d2d2f rgb(45,45,47)
Akaroa #d6b8a3 rgb(214,184,163)
Carnation #f8625c rgb(248,98,92)
Tapa #74746c rgb(116,116,108)
Dark Burgundy #7f0a05 rgb(127,10,5)
Charade #21222e rgb(33,34,46)
Kobi #e49cb4 rgb(228,156,180)
Eunry #d19f90 rgb(209,159,144)
Schooner #968d88 rgb(150,141,136)
Tall Poppy #b73d26 rgb(183,61,38)
Baltic Sea #262427 rgb(38,36,39)
Cavern Pink #e7c5c2 rgb(231,197,194)
Carnation #fb6464 rgb(251,100,100)
Au Chico #986055 rgb(152,96,85)
Irish Coffee #663426 rgb(102,52,38)
Heavy Metal #181917 rgb(24,25,23)
Carnation #fc5c63 rgb(252,92,99)
Indian Khaki #c4a78c rgb(196,167,140)
Haiti #090f27 rgb(9,15,39)
Sand Dune #7f6d62 rgb(127,109,98)
Bone #e2cfbe rgb(226,207,190)
Spicy Mix #8e5044 rgb(142,80,68)
Sandal #a8816e rgb(168,129,110)
Quincy #62362b rgb(98,54,43)
Cod Gray #1c1a18 rgb(28,26,24)
Carnation #fb6363 rgb(251,99,99)
Carnation #fb6364 rgb(251,99,100)
Roman Coffee #755748 rgb(117,87,72)
Ebony #0f1127 rgb(15,17,39)
Kabul #53423e rgb(83,66,62)
Bone #e6d8cb rgb(230,216,203)

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