Barcut: a Modern, Clean and Mobile-Ready Free HTML Barber Website Template Barcut: a Modern, Clean and Mobile-Ready Free HTML Barber Website Template Barcut: a Modern, Clean and Mobile-Ready Free HTML Barber Website Template Barcut: a Modern, Clean and Mobile-Ready Free HTML Barber Website Template

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Barcut is a modern, clean, professional and mobile-ready free HTML barber website template. You can use it for all sorts of intentions related to grooming, hairstyling and other hair salon purposes. Barcut is a simple to use website canvas which you can take to your advantage right off the bat. Get your business up and running and expand your reach, offering even more people fresh cuts.

Trendy web design, sticky navigation, video support, enticing hover effects and pricing plans are just a few of the features and assets of the amazing Barcut. Make sure you do not miss on the opportunity, download the template now and start your online journey sooner rather than later. You do not need to do things from the ground up anymore when you have such a fantastic free website template for barber shops at your disposal.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Old Gold #d0a33a rgb(208,163,58)
Zorba #9d918d rgb(157,145,141)
Cloud Burst #243655 rgb(36,54,85)
River Bed #47505d rgb(71,80,93)
Cameo #dcb9a7 rgb(220,185,167)
Ronchi #ecbc48 rgb(236,188,72)
Chicago #5c5c54 rgb(92,92,84)
Asphalt #1c100a rgb(28,16,10)
Spicy Mix #7c5941 rgb(124,89,65)
Akaroa #dac4ac rgb(218,196,172)
Tulip Tree #e5b138 rgb(229,177,56)
Domino #8c735c rgb(140,115,92)
Creole #170404 rgb(23,4,4)
Tobacco Brown #715a4a rgb(113,90,74)
Bone #decab6 rgb(222,202,182)
Driftwood #b17e49 rgb(177,126,73)
Roman Coffee #7c6255 rgb(124,98,85)
Eclipse #312116 rgb(49,33,22)
Saddle #523828 rgb(82,56,40)
Eunry #d1aa99 rgb(209,170,153)
Muddy Waters #b57d64 rgb(181,125,100)
Chicago #5f5955 rgb(95,89,85)
Eclipse #332015 rgb(51,32,21)
Saddle #523929 rgb(82,57,41)
Antique Brass #c89479 rgb(200,148,121)
Old Rose #c08e76 rgb(192,142,118)
Pewter #949c9c rgb(148,156,156)
Old Copper #744c34 rgb(116,76,52)
Flint #68645c rgb(104,100,92)
Tumbleweed #d8a480 rgb(216,164,128)
Spicy Mix #906044 rgb(144,96,68)
Kimberly #7c7ca4 rgb(124,124,164)
Ebony #101425 rgb(16,20,37)
Tundora #464446 rgb(70,68,70)
Muddy Waters #b88760 rgb(184,135,96)
Salt Box #5c595d rgb(92,89,93)
Asphalt #1c1009 rgb(28,16,9)
Kabul #564b44 rgb(86,75,68)
Cameo #d9b19b rgb(217,177,155)
Driftwood #b6904e rgb(182,144,78)
Zorba #a1938d rgb(161,147,141)
Ebony #101529 rgb(16,21,41)
Ironside Gray #676563 rgb(103,101,99)
Ronchi #f0c44c rgb(240,196,76)

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