Diva: a Stunning and Mobile-Ready Free Beauty Salon Website Template Diva: a Stunning and Mobile-Ready Free Beauty Salon Website Template Diva: a Stunning and Mobile-Ready Free Beauty Salon Website Template Diva: a Stunning and Mobile-Ready Free Beauty Salon Website Template

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Diva is a stunning, straightforward and 100% mobile-ready free beauty salon website template. From the outstanding web design to great performance and loads of practical features, Diva is the tool to consider. What’s more, due to its high adaptability and easy to modify layout, you can also alter the style of Diva and use it for other beauty-related businesses and projects. Tailor it to your branding and stand out a mile with a refreshing website for your beauty salon.

With the impressive Diva, you get a gorgeous index page and several other internal sections for your services, news and contacts. The latter also includes a functional contact form and Google Maps. If simplicity blended with creativity is a mixture you are all about, Diva is definitely the template you should look into.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Glacier #6fb7c6 rgb(111,183,198)
Toast #9e6a61 rgb(158,106,97)
Eastern Blue #2380ad rgb(35,128,173)
Kabul #674b45 rgb(103,75,69)
Bone #e3cdc0 rgb(227,205,192)
Cerise Red #e42c64 rgb(228,44,100)
Soya Bean #645c54 rgb(100,92,84)
Earls Green #b4b430 rgb(180,180,48)
Pine Cone #6c5c56 rgb(108,92,86)
Cameo #dbb4a0 rgb(219,180,160)
Cerise Red #e12b63 rgb(225,43,99)
Oriental Pink #c59f95 rgb(197,159,149)
Mikado #2b1d10 rgb(43,29,16)
Woodsmoke #161718 rgb(22,23,24)
Eunry #d4b09e rgb(212,176,158)
My Pink #d09c84 rgb(208,156,132)
Kabul #6c4c44 rgb(108,76,68)
Eclipse #2f1c16 rgb(47,28,22)
Roman Coffee #7e5446 rgb(126,84,70)
Cameo #e0bdab rgb(224,189,171)
Sorrell Brown #c99f87 rgb(201,159,135)
Sandal #ad7d6d rgb(173,125,109)
Eclipse #291913 rgb(41,25,19)
Spicy Mix #84524b rgb(132,82,75)
Beauty Bush #ecc2bc rgb(236,194,188)
Copperfield #d48c5c rgb(212,140,92)
Blue Bayoux #54647c rgb(84,100,124)
Graphite #280c08 rgb(40,12,8)
Soya Bean #5c544c rgb(92,84,76)
Mauvelous #f08bb0 rgb(240,139,176)
Flint #6e6c6a rgb(110,108,106)
Night Rider #1c0c14 rgb(28,12,20)
Tundora #4e4c4c rgb(78,76,76)
Persian Pink #f480ac rgb(244,128,172)
Spicy Mix #905945 rgb(144,89,69)
Muddy Waters #bb7f62 rgb(187,127,98)
Asphalt #1a0807 rgb(26,8,7)
Dove Gray #686261 rgb(104,98,97)
Mandys Pink #f0b89b rgb(240,184,155)
Cerise Red #dc2e63 rgb(220,46,99)
Dove Gray #77706f rgb(119,112,111)
Tamarind #1c0b13 rgb(28,11,19)
Corduroy #5b5d5d rgb(91,93,93)
Illusion #f694ba rgb(246,148,186)

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