Hairsal: a Free Hair Salon Website Template Hairsal: a Free Hair Salon Website Template Hairsal: a Free Hair Salon Website Template

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Hairsal is short for the best free hair salon website template you can currently find on the market. It is a tool that does not cost you a dime, but the features it brings are premium-like and advanced. With a small investment of time and effort, you can have your hair salon or other beauty salon website up and running in close to no time. Hairsal rocks a cutting-edge design that will spark everyone’s curiosity and get them intrigued.

Hairsal allows you to create a strong first impression with a large slider which you can use to push attractive and innovative haircuts that will hook everyone. It also comes with an online booking form with date picker and many other traits that will do you and your business fantastically well.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bourbon #b76c1c rgb(183,108,28)
Driftwood #b18053 rgb(177,128,83)
Cioccolato #5f370e rgb(95,55,14)
Black #050505 rgb(5,5,5)
Pancho #ecbea2 rgb(236,190,162)
Tan #cea989 rgb(206,169,137)
Dusty Gray #998e92 rgb(153,142,146)
Sepia Skin #9c6c3c rgb(156,108,60)
Cod Gray #0e0c0c rgb(14,12,12)
Zombie #e8d0a6 rgb(232,208,166)
Eunry #cea995 rgb(206,169,149)
Teak #ab9e62 rgb(171,158,98)
Big Stone #131d32 rgb(19,29,50)
Don Juan #5f515b rgb(95,81,91)
Cashmere #e5cda6 rgb(229,205,166)
Blue Violet #6371b4 rgb(99,113,180)
Blue Bell #9696c4 rgb(150,150,196)
Black Pearl #061121 rgb(6,17,33)
Blackcurrant #322835 rgb(50,40,53)
Chetwode Blue #748cd8 rgb(116,140,216)
Hacienda #94701e rgb(148,112,30)
Hurricane #847877 rgb(132,120,119)
Kumera #855627 rgb(133,86,39)
Scorpion #5a5a5a rgb(90,90,90)
Ship Cove #6475b7 rgb(100,117,183)
Strikemaster #8b617b rgb(139,97,123)
Hawaiian Tan #906817 rgb(144,104,23)
Thunder #342833 rgb(52,40,51)
Periwinkle Gray #c6cee6 rgb(198,206,230)
Mai Tai #9c7005 rgb(156,112,5)
Americano #89776e rgb(137,119,110)
Cioccolato #5b330f rgb(91,51,15)
Scorpion #5b5b5b rgb(91,91,91)
Olivine #94be60 rgb(148,190,96)

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