Pretty: a Free Beauty Salon Website Template Pretty: a Free Beauty Salon Website Template Pretty: a Free Beauty Salon Website Template Pretty: a Free Beauty Salon Website Template Pretty: a Free Beauty Salon Website Template

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Hence the name, Pretty is a free beauty salon website template packed with fantastic features and phenomenal assets. Pretty practices all the latest web trends and utilizes all the modern technologies for stable and secure websites. You can effortlessly utilize Pretty for hair salons, wellness centers, spas and other similar businesses, too. We made sure that working, customizing and tweaking Pretty is an easy task to execute. That said, there is no need to limit yourself in any way.

Pretty has a stunning, full-screen banner with parallax effect, sticky navbar, loads content on scroll, includes pricing tables and features animated statistics. Social media buttons, working contact form, blog, responsiveness and SEO friendliness are also part of the Pretty bundle. You are here to make a change, do it with Pretty.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Rouge #a5409d rgb(165,64,157)
Rodeo Dust #c6aa95 rgb(198,170,149)
Spicy Mix #81543c rgb(129,84,60)
Congo Brown #5c3e3d rgb(92,62,61)
White Linen #faf6ee rgb(250,246,238)
Antique Brass #c49474 rgb(196,148,116)
Venus #94848c rgb(148,132,140)
San Juan #344c74 rgb(52,76,116)
Roman Coffee #745244 rgb(116,82,68)
Blossom #d4a4c8 rgb(212,164,200)
Orchid #d572c2 rgb(213,114,194)
Beaver #8d6355 rgb(141,99,85)
Tamarillo #8a1421 rgb(138,20,33)
Thunder #171016 rgb(23,16,22)
Rose Fog #e2c1ac rgb(226,193,172)
Tan #cfa383 rgb(207,163,131)
Gumbo #819ca6 rgb(129,156,166)
Smoky #5c546c rgb(92,84,108)
Brandy #e0b9a2 rgb(224,185,162)
Tan #cea281 rgb(206,162,129)
Sandal #b1836d rgb(177,131,109)
Denim #1876b1 rgb(24,118,177)
Cocoa Brown #3c2927 rgb(60,41,39)
Brandy #dfb69d rgb(223,182,157)
Paradiso #3c8494 rgb(60,132,148)
Leather #98765d rgb(152,118,93)
Night Shadz #a43c4c rgb(164,60,76)
Don Juan #5f4b4d rgb(95,75,77)
Antique Brass #cc9464 rgb(204,148,100)
Wedgewood #45929d rgb(69,146,157)
Ferra #6f5254 rgb(111,82,84)
Casal #28555c rgb(40,85,92)
Thunder #382b2f rgb(56,43,47)
Tumbleweed #df9f8a rgb(223,159,138)
Pink Flamingo #fc5cdc rgb(252,92,220)
Edward #b0b3b2 rgb(176,179,178)
Cardinal Pink #820268 rgb(130,2,104)
Pickled Bluewood #303c50 rgb(48,60,80)
Light Orchid #e9b6d9 rgb(233,182,217)
Pink Flamingo #fb5cdb rgb(251,92,219)
Friar Gray #84847c rgb(132,132,124)
Cardinal Pink #810368 rgb(129,3,104)
Dove Gray #726c6e rgb(114,108,110)
Antique Brass #cc846c rgb(204,132,108)
Persian Pink #f55ed9 rgb(245,94,217)
Pewter #a4a8a4 rgb(164,168,164)
Cardinal Pink #7c0767 rgb(124,7,103)
Woodsmoke #121214 rgb(18,18,20)
Lavender Magenta #f3a1e9 rgb(243,161,233)
Pink Flamingo #fb5ddc rgb(251,93,220)
Dove Gray #726a67 rgb(114,106,103)
Bunker #070b0f rgb(7,11,15)
Tundora #4a4140 rgb(74,65,64)
Rose Fog #e3bfab rgb(227,191,171)

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