Trim: a Free Mobile-Ready Barbershop Website Template Trim: a Free Mobile-Ready Barbershop Website Template Trim: a Free Mobile-Ready Barbershop Website Template Trim: a Free Mobile-Ready Barbershop Website Template Trim: a Free Mobile-Ready Barbershop Website Template

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Trim is a free mobile-ready barbershop website template you can use to represent your business on the web. With a solid and cutting-edge internet presence, you can do a lot more for your barber shop than you think. Not only can you show your professionalism and market your irresistible services, but you can also automate appointments and have it all in perfect order. From now on, they won’t need to pick up a phone and start dialing. They can just fill out the form and that’s it.

Beautiful dark layout loads content on scroll and spices up the experience with cool hover and parallax effects. It supports videos, has integrated plans and pricing, comes with a nifty gallery and outstanding blog. The latter would also work smoothly as a standalone page if that is something you are interested in.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Antique Brass #ca9d70 rgb(202,157,112)
Squirrel #948480 rgb(148,132,128)
Night Rider #1e120e rgb(30,18,14)
Kabul #54423a rgb(84,66,58)
Twine #c99c64 rgb(201,156,100)
Mariner #3266cc rgb(50,102,204)
Xanadu #6c746c rgb(108,116,108)
Ebony #040810 rgb(4,8,16)
Cod Gray #1c1c1c rgb(28,28,28)
Whiskey #d5a276 rgb(213,162,118)
Zorba #a1978a rgb(161,151,138)
Potters Clay #886239 rgb(136,98,57)
Cod Gray #1b1b1b rgb(27,27,27)
Stark White #eae0c9 rgb(234,224,201)
Tumbleweed #d9ac84 rgb(217,172,132)
Nepal #8ca4bc rgb(140,164,188)
Mirage #141c2c rgb(20,28,44)
Masala #484340 rgb(72,67,64)
Regent St Blue #a5cde8 rgb(165,205,232)
Sepia Skin #a35348 rgb(163,83,72)
Sandstone #766e68 rgb(118,110,104)
Irish Coffee #623c27 rgb(98,60,39)
Masala #44403e rgb(68,64,62)
Bizarre #ead9ce rgb(234,217,206)
Santa Fe #b16b4d rgb(177,107,77)
Tide #b3b2b0 rgb(179,178,176)
Quincy #5e3929 rgb(94,57,41)
Masala #474442 rgb(71,68,66)
Aths Special #ede6ce rgb(237,230,206)
Antique Brass #cc9c6c rgb(204,156,108)
Chicago #595854 rgb(89,88,84)
St Tropaz #2c5c94 rgb(44,92,148)
Fiord #3e5461 rgb(62,84,97)
Ming #345c7c rgb(52,92,124)
Limed Ash #707468 rgb(112,116,104)
Calypso #3c6793 rgb(60,103,147)
Mongoose #be9e7b rgb(190,158,123)
San Juan #2b4b69 rgb(43,75,105)
Chicago #5e5b59 rgb(94,91,89)
Stark White #e9ddc5 rgb(233,221,197)
San Juan #355c7a rgb(53,92,122)
Storm Dust #62625d rgb(98,98,93)
Calypso #2c5c7c rgb(44,92,124)
Fiord #3b526d rgb(59,82,109)
Antique Brass #c79a6d rgb(199,154,109)

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