Barber: a Free Hair Salon Website Template Barber: a Free Hair Salon Website Template Barber: a Free Hair Salon Website Template Barber: a Free Hair Salon Website Template

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For barber shops and hair salons exclusively, Barber is the free website template to skyrocket your business. Reach a wider audience with a contemporary page full of astounding pictures, promoting your remarkable talent. Not only that, random visitors can learn more about your services and get in touch with you right away. With the integrated pricing tables, everyone knows how much it will cost them to get a haircut done or dye their hair. But maybe, all they need is to trim their beard.

Barber free barber shop website template supports videos and includes lots of neat icons and a wonderful image slider. Guests can choose which barber or hairstylist they would like to go with and sign up for your newsletter. Link your website to your social accounts using footer’s social media icons and show the world how friendly you are.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Purple Heart #9a1fe0 rgb(154,31,224)
Shingle Fawn #6d443a rgb(109,68,58)
Affair #733c83 rgb(115,60,131)
Eclipse #381e1b rgb(56,30,27)
Almond #eccec5 rgb(236,206,197)
Electric Violet #6d1dfa rgb(109,29,250)
Sand Dune #7e695f rgb(126,105,95)
Irish Coffee #5a3a26 rgb(90,58,38)
Verdigris #4c5434 rgb(76,84,52)
Tan #d7af8f rgb(215,175,143)
Electric Violet #931de6 rgb(147,29,230)
Teak #b79272 rgb(183,146,114)
Irish Coffee #583825 rgb(88,56,37)
Tobacco Brown #73573f rgb(115,87,63)
Tan #d4af91 rgb(212,175,145)
Purple Heart #b51cd5 rgb(181,28,213)
Gull Gray #99a7b2 rgb(153,167,178)
Windsor #630f75 rgb(99,15,117)
Bastille #17151c rgb(23,21,28)
Brandy #e1c4a0 rgb(225,196,160)
Purple Heart #b41cd4 rgb(180,28,212)
Gray Chateau #96a1ac rgb(150,161,172)
Thunder #191519 rgb(25,21,25)
Sorrell Brown #cda88f rgb(205,168,143)
Purple Heart #b51cd4 rgb(181,28,212)
Rodeo Dust #c6a496 rgb(198,164,150)
Windsor #640f75 rgb(100,15,117)
Baltic Sea #221f29 rgb(34,31,41)
Lavender #cc78e4 rgb(204,120,228)
Purple Heart #aa1cdc rgb(170,28,220)
Nandor #545c54 rgb(84,92,84)
Royal Heath #a42c7c rgb(164,44,124)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Lavender #cc78e0 rgb(204,120,224)
Purple Heart #9f1ddf rgb(159,29,223)
Oslo Gray #828489 rgb(130,132,137)
Cerulean Blue #2d64b3 rgb(45,100,179)
Baltic Sea #242128 rgb(36,33,40)
Light Orchid #d485ce rgb(212,133,206)
Purple Heart #ab1cd9 rgb(171,28,217)
Scorpion #686365 rgb(104,99,101)
Purple Heart #7d30b1 rgb(125,48,177)
Tundora #4b4547 rgb(75,69,71)
Lavender #cc74df rgb(204,116,223)

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