Skillhunt: a Free Job Search Website Template Skillhunt: a Free Job Search Website Template Skillhunt: a Free Job Search Website Template Skillhunt: a Free Job Search Website Template

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If you plan to start a job board web platform, Skillhunt is the free job search website template that will do you well. Avoid kicking your project off from the ground up, when you can take predefined web design to your total advantage. Skillhunt provides a professional and sophisticated layout which will get you going quickly. After all, it is just a click on the download button away. From then on, you can already start fine-tuning it and turning Skillhunt into a full-blown website. Do not miss the opportunity and get your hands on Skillhunt now.

Skillhunt sports tons of premium-like features, like animated statistics, on scroll content load, practical job search function, hover effects, sticky navigation and testimonials. There is also a complete form for posting a job, blog section and a contact page with form and Google Maps. Realize your job and candidate search website with Skillhunt and help the community.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Royal Blue #2f75de rgb(47,117,222)
Gray #8d898a rgb(141,137,138)
Chathams Blue #123872 rgb(18,56,114)
Ship Gray #3a343b rgb(58,52,59)
Indigo #5e63cc rgb(94,99,204)
Portage #886cec rgb(136,108,236)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Deep Koamaru #250f75 rgb(37,15,117)
Mine Shaft #222222 rgb(34,34,34)
French Pass #b4e4fc rgb(180,228,252)
Medium Purple #996beb rgb(153,107,235)
Scarpa Flow #585859 rgb(88,88,89)
Azure #3454ac rgb(52,84,172)
Flint #716d69 rgb(113,109,105)
Dodger Blue #2779fb rgb(39,121,251)
Havelock Blue #4c8cd4 rgb(76,140,212)
Arrowtown #9c846c rgb(156,132,108)
Endeavour #0464aa rgb(4,100,170)
Woodsmoke #070708 rgb(7,7,8)
Dodger Blue #266ef3 rgb(38,110,243)
Dodger Blue #236cf7 rgb(35,108,247)
Gray Chateau #96a0ac rgb(150,160,172)
Denim #0d65ad rgb(13,101,173)
Woodsmoke #0c0c0d rgb(12,12,13)
Sea Buckthorn #f8b026 rgb(248,176,38)
Dodger Blue #246cfc rgb(36,108,252)
Domino #987c64 rgb(152,124,100)
Resolution Blue #012c82 rgb(1,44,130)
Gravel #444245 rgb(68,66,69)
Yellow Orange #fcac49 rgb(252,172,73)
Dodger Blue #236cfc rgb(35,108,252)
Finch #64644c rgb(100,100,76)
Resolution Blue #012d82 rgb(1,45,130)
Spindle #bad6eb rgb(186,214,235)
Casablanca #f8ac4a rgb(248,172,74)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Peru Tan #7f4a04 rgb(127,74,4)
Cod Gray #121011 rgb(18,16,17)
Pancho #eacba7 rgb(234,203,167)
Casablanca #f9ac49 rgb(249,172,73)
Regent Gray #7e8da5 rgb(126,141,165)
Coffee Bean #2c1610 rgb(44,22,16)
Chicago #5b5958 rgb(91,89,88)
Malibu #83c1fa rgb(131,193,250)

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