Jobpply: a Creative Free Job Posting Website Template Jobpply: a Creative Free Job Posting Website Template Jobpply: a Creative Free Job Posting Website Template Jobpply: a Creative Free Job Posting Website Template

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Jobpply is a creative free job posting website template with a responsive and mobile-ready design. If you are interested in starting a new job board online platform, kick things off in style with Jobpply. This contemporary page canvas will establish a comfortable atmosphere for both job seekers and employers. Connect the dots and start something new. You can also use Jobpply for building a super niche job posting page, but you can go general, too.

In the Jobpply kit, you will find a bunch of cool features that will help you differentiate your online space from the masses. From animations, job and candidate search function to post a job form and a full-blown contact page with Google Maps, these are a bunch of amenities that you get once you put Jobpply to use. Start strong with a solid web presence.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Carnation #f9644b rgb(249,100,75)
Storm Gray #686c88 rgb(104,108,136)
Minsk #3c348c rgb(60,52,140)
Mulled Wine #443f64 rgb(68,63,100)
Petite Orchid #df8e9e rgb(223,142,158)
Persimmon #fc644c rgb(252,100,76)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Kenyan Copper #821302 rgb(130,19,2)
Merlin #413e39 rgb(65,62,57)
New York Pink #d47c7c rgb(212,124,124)
Contessa #bc7863 rgb(188,120,99)
Manatee #8d8c97 rgb(141,140,151)
Blue Dianne #203b52 rgb(32,59,82)
Mine Shaft #222121 rgb(34,33,33)
My Pink #d68e89 rgb(214,142,137)
Cornflower Blue #6c64f9 rgb(108,100,249)
Bouquet #b084a4 rgb(176,132,164)
Chambray #3c5c99 rgb(60,92,153)
Sirocco #6c7474 rgb(108,116,116)
Valencia #d74d47 rgb(215,77,71)
Cornflower Blue #6e64f7 rgb(110,100,247)
Santas Gray #9c9fb5 rgb(156,159,181)
Chambray #3c5c97 rgb(60,92,151)
Woodsmoke #18191a rgb(24,25,26)
Cinnabar #e55447 rgb(229,84,71)
Cornflower Blue #6c64fc rgb(108,100,252)
Xanadu #747c74 rgb(116,124,116)
Navy Blue #090282 rgb(9,2,130)
Tundora #404040 rgb(64,64,64)
Santas Gray #9a9cb3 rgb(154,156,179)
Black Pearl #040c14 rgb(4,12,20)
Fuscous Gray #4c4c48 rgb(76,76,72)
Persimmon #fc644a rgb(252,100,74)
Cornflower Blue #6f69ef rgb(111,105,239)
Del Rio #a9968f rgb(169,150,143)
Brown Tumbleweed #39240e rgb(57,36,14)
Dune #3d3b38 rgb(61,59,56)
Carnation #f5664c rgb(245,102,76)
Carnation #f7654b rgb(247,101,75)
Amethyst Smoke #9984aa rgb(153,132,170)
Black Pearl #060726 rgb(6,7,38)
Chicago #5d5a55 rgb(93,90,85)
Cornflower Blue #6c63fb rgb(108,99,251)

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