Jobportal: a Free Job Listing Website Template Jobportal: a Free Job Listing Website Template Jobportal: a Free Job Listing Website Template Jobportal: a Free Job Listing Website Template

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Hence the name, Jobportal is a free job listing website template that gets your fresh project started in close to no time. It is a mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and high performing tool for building job portals and job boards of any niche and industry. Even if you are creating a generic job listing page, you can do that, too, with the help from Jobportal.

Offer job seekers to find the exact employment they desire with the sophisticated and professional looking website that you can realize with Jobportal. With the advanced search option, they can speed up their hunt and study jobs that are to their likings only. In addition to that, Jobportal comes with animations, parallax effect, on scroll content loading and post-a-job page. There is also a fully active contact page with Google Maps, social icons and blog for content marketing. Help those in need with a banging job listing website based on the free template, Jobportal.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #197df6 rgb(25,125,246)
Santas Gray #a2a2aa rgb(162,162,170)
Shingle Fawn #654b2f rgb(101,75,47)
Scarpa Flow #58535d rgb(88,83,93)
Emerald #5cd48f rgb(92,212,143)
Emerald #5cd490 rgb(92,212,144)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Green Pea #1b683d rgb(27,104,61)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
De York #7cc49c rgb(124,196,156)
Dodger Blue #197df5 rgb(25,125,245)
Pewter #97ada2 rgb(151,173,162)
Elephant #143c54 rgb(20,60,84)
Mine Shaft #2a2929 rgb(42,41,41)
Emerald #5fd18f rgb(95,209,143)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Nevada #6c7074 rgb(108,112,116)
French Pass #ace4fc rgb(172,228,252)
Dodger Blue #187ef6 rgb(24,126,246)
Hit Gray #98a6ae rgb(152,166,174)
Eastern Blue #19a4bd rgb(25,164,189)
Tuna #353536 rgb(53,53,54)
Emerald #5fd191 rgb(95,209,145)
Azure Radiance #147cfc rgb(20,124,252)
Sandrift #ac947c rgb(172,148,124)
Congress Blue #013b82 rgb(1,59,130)
Masala #4a4440 rgb(74,68,64)
Emerald #5cd494 rgb(92,212,148)
Rolling Stone #787c80 rgb(120,124,128)
Lunar Green #444c44 rgb(68,76,68)
Emerald #5cd491 rgb(92,212,145)
Emerald #5fd28f rgb(95,210,143)
Silver Chalice #9f9f9f rgb(159,159,159)
Green Pea #1d673c rgb(29,103,60)
Dune #32302e rgb(50,48,46)
Eunry #cfa692 rgb(207,166,146)
Emerald #61d091 rgb(97,208,145)
Rolling Stone #6f767b rgb(111,118,123)
Black Pearl #092130 rgb(9,33,48)
Pickled Bluewood #2f4058 rgb(47,64,88)
Seagull #6eb5ea rgb(110,181,234)

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