Jobfinder: a Free Job Portal Website Template Jobfinder: a Free Job Portal Website Template Jobfinder: a Free Job Portal Website Template Jobfinder: a Free Job Portal Website Template

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Hence the name, Jobfinder is a free job portal website template to kick off your online job finding platform with ease and expertness in mind. You do not need to create the web design from scratch anymore. Simply pick the appropriate website canvas and start turning it into an active, high performing and 100% optimized website. Help people find their dream jobs with Jobfinder and make a difference.

Jobfinder has a bunch of fantastic features and traits that will benefit you greatly. From a full-screen parallax banner with the search option, sticky navigation and multi-level drop-down menu to on scroll content load and testimonials slider, Jobfinder is no joke. It also comes with a complete form for posting new jobs, accordions and a working contact form. Besides, the overall appearance of Jobfinder is clean and minimal, putting the content right in front of job seekers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Eucalyptus #2dac4a rgb(45,172,74)
Nevada #5c6364 rgb(92,99,100)
Iroko #48311f rgb(72,49,31)
Tobacco Brown #715b4c rgb(113,91,76)
Algae Green #9ae0b9 rgb(154,224,185)
Forest Green #24a644 rgb(36,166,68)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Goblin #418c54 rgb(65,140,84)
Rangoon Green #10100c rgb(16,16,12)
Moss Green #acdcac rgb(172,220,172)
Eucalyptus #27a446 rgb(39,164,70)
Envy #89a792 rgb(137,167,146)
Chateau Green #439b59 rgb(67,155,89)
Woodsmoke #161619 rgb(22,22,25)
Algae Green #99e6b6 rgb(153,230,182)
Picton Blue #38b8e4 rgb(56,184,228)
Star Dust #9c9b98 rgb(156,155,152)
Forest Green #24a444 rgb(36,164,68)
Cod Gray #181414 rgb(24,20,20)
De York #8ccc9c rgb(140,204,156)
Brick Red #d63146 rgb(214,49,70)
Oslo Gray #939496 rgb(147,148,150)
Eucalyptus #25a445 rgb(37,164,69)
Baltic Sea #151316 rgb(21,19,22)
Sundance #caae59 rgb(202,174,89)
Eucalyptus #29a749 rgb(41,167,73)
Gunsmoke #878888 rgb(135,136,136)
Sambuca #2c180c rgb(44,24,12)
Kabul #614d3e rgb(97,77,62)
Drover #fcecac rgb(252,236,172)
Nugget #bc8c1c rgb(188,140,28)
Nandor #585e5a rgb(88,94,90)
Forest Green #24a844 rgb(36,168,68)
Rangoon Green #0d100c rgb(13,16,12)
Sinbad #a4d4bc rgb(164,212,188)
Earls Green #c59e35 rgb(197,158,53)
Kabul #5f4b3b rgb(95,75,59)
Eucalyptus #2ca64b rgb(44,166,75)
Woodsmoke #0c0d0f rgb(12,13,15)
Chinook #a0e2bb rgb(160,226,187)
Sorrell Brown #cdba93 rgb(205,186,147)
Corduroy #555f5d rgb(85,95,93)
Eucalyptus #26a545 rgb(38,165,69)
Soya Bean #6b624f rgb(107,98,79)
Padua #a7e5c4 rgb(167,229,196)

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