JobListing: a Free Job Board Website Template JobListing: a Free Job Board Website Template JobListing: a Free Job Board Website Template JobListing: a Free Job Board Website Template

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JobListing is a free job board website template with a neat and modern web design. The minimal approach does not overwhelm the user instead delivers a distraction-free job search experience. Like any other job portal website should have, JobListing features an advanced search option above the fold. Different widgets, featured jobs slider, job listing exclusive icons and a broad range of other goodies, all for the price of free.

What’s more, JobListing job portal website template is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. Besides the mentioned, it is also prepared for your freshly launched mobile application and captures users’ emails with a neat newsletter subscription box. Make the most out of it and use JobListing template to its full potential.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower Blue #745cf4 rgb(116,92,244)
Corduroy #646864 rgb(100,104,100)
Blue Chill #0c94ac rgb(12,148,172)
Shark #2b2c30 rgb(43,44,48)
Perfume #bca4f9 rgb(188,164,249)
Picton Blue #44e4f4 rgb(68,228,244)
Shady Lady #a7a4a7 rgb(167,164,167)
Violet #140c4c rgb(20,12,76)
Mine Shaft #333333 rgb(51,51,51)
Golden Tainoi #fccc5c rgb(252,204,92)
Picton Blue #4cddf3 rgb(76,221,243)
Manatee #9b9ca0 rgb(155,156,160)
Ebony #0a1017 rgb(10,16,23)
Tacha #d5b762 rgb(213,183,98)
Medium Purple #917ee4 rgb(145,126,228)
Zorba #98948c rgb(152,148,140)
Cloud Burst #1c2444 rgb(28,36,68)
Tuna #333334 rgb(51,51,52)
Portage #a49bef rgb(164,155,239)
Medium Purple #806fe3 rgb(128,111,227)
Mountain Mist #979598 rgb(151,149,152)
Aztec #0f1f22 rgb(15,31,34)
Portage #9a92ec rgb(154,146,236)
Malibu #49e4fb rgb(73,228,251)
Stonewall #948474 rgb(148,132,116)
Blue Lagoon #027181 rgb(2,113,129)
Ebony Clay #2b2c45 rgb(43,44,69)
Cornflower Blue #876efc rgb(135,110,252)
Muddy Waters #be966c rgb(190,150,108)
Fiord #4c5273 rgb(76,82,115)
Eternity #16120a rgb(22,18,10)
Pickled Bluewood #364464 rgb(54,68,100)
Malibu #4de4fa rgb(77,228,250)
Malibu #4ce2f9 rgb(76,226,249)
Fiord #495478 rgb(73,84,120)
Mountain Meadow #1ca494 rgb(28,164,148)
Mirage #1f1c33 rgb(31,28,51)
Portage #9f8afa rgb(159,138,250)
Roti #caa257 rgb(202,162,87)
Dusty Gray #b5a0ac rgb(181,160,172)
Wasabi #85992e rgb(133,153,46)
Dove Gray #746969 rgb(116,105,105)
Malibu #4de2f6 rgb(77,226,246)

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