Vacation: a Free Traveling Website Template Vacation: a Free Traveling Website Template Vacation: a Free Traveling Website Template Vacation: a Free Traveling Website Template

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Vacation brings to the table a free traveling website template based on the popular Bootstrap Framework. If you are getting on feet a new travel agency, Vacation is a fantastic web design that will help you sort out a dope online presence. As far as the web design goes, Vacation rocks it all and then some for your convenience. The layout is also fluid and flexible, instantly adjusting to all devices and smoothly acclimatizing to web browsers, too. You sure are in good hands with Vacation.

From video support and parallax effect to on scroll content load, testimonials slider and social media buttons, you get it all with Vacation and then some. Also, start a travel blog and implement strategic content marketing to grow your business. Last but not least, there are also a working contact form and Google Maps integrated into the beautiful Vacation design.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Half Baked #8bb8cf rgb(139,184,207)
Blue Bayoux #526281 rgb(82,98,129)
Eastern Blue #2385b7 rgb(35,133,183)
Eggplant #593c4f rgb(89,60,79)
Shakespeare #5eb5cf rgb(94,181,207)
Pelorous #32b6b8 rgb(50,182,184)
Sandstone #7a6d65 rgb(122,109,101)
Casal #2c6969 rgb(44,105,105)
Cape Cod #394240 rgb(57,66,64)
Sea Buckthorn #fcac2c rgb(252,172,44)
Fountain Blue #4cbec3 rgb(76,190,195)
Quicksand #bc9f96 rgb(188,159,150)
Oracle #347175 rgb(52,113,117)
Cape Cod #364040 rgb(54,64,64)
Saffron #f5ad3a rgb(245,173,58)
Danube #62a4d5 rgb(98,164,213)
Don Juan #5a504d rgb(90,80,77)
Calypso #388094 rgb(56,128,148)
Cement #84725e rgb(132,114,94)
Rajah #f6b45e rgb(246,180,94)
Gold Sand #e5b180 rgb(229,177,128)
Cement #8c7563 rgb(140,117,99)
Calypso #246878 rgb(36,104,120)
Mondo #513f34 rgb(81,63,52)
Danube #64a4d9 rgb(100,164,217)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Eternity #20180c rgb(32,24,12)
Mid Gray #6c6c74 rgb(108,108,116)
Manhattan #f6ce99 rgb(246,206,153)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Woodrush #3c2c14 rgb(60,44,20)
Salt Box #706874 rgb(112,104,116)
Chardonnay #fccc7c rgb(252,204,124)
Sea Buckthorn #f7ac36 rgb(247,172,54)
Star Dust #a1a1a0 rgb(161,161,160)
Ebony #0f1121 rgb(15,17,33)
Tuna #343439 rgb(52,52,57)
Pancho #edcfa6 rgb(237,207,166)
Sea Buckthorn #faac2f rgb(250,172,47)
Regent Gray #88969b rgb(136,150,155)
Rhino #2c4065 rgb(44,64,101)
Pine Cone #655951 rgb(101,89,81)
Ronchi #eab256 rgb(234,178,86)

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