Judge: one of the Best Free Law Services Website Template Judge: one of the Best Free Law Services Website Template Judge: one of the Best Free Law Services Website Template Judge: one of the Best Free Law Services Website Template

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Judge is your number one solution when on the hunt for the best free law services website template. It is a versatile, modern and sophisticated solution for lawyers, attorneys, law firms and legal practitioners alike. If you would like to establish a strong first impression on all your potential clients, create a website that will turn heads. With the help from Judge, you can now shine online with a striking web presence that will boost your business to new heights.

Judge is a Bootstrap Framework template with a fully flexible and fluid layout. In other words, the web design appears stunningly on all devices and platforms for an always smooth and stable experience. Other specialties of Judge contain parallax effect, video support, online consultation form and nifty case study pages. Start on the web like a pro with Judge, a free law services website template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Driftwood #b27a4c rgb(178,122,76)
Mantle #889e91 rgb(136,158,145)
Irish Coffee #604229 rgb(96,66,41)
Mondo #4a3d2e rgb(74,61,46)
Tan #c99b83 rgb(201,155,131)
Bay Leaf #84b484 rgb(132,180,132)
Brown Derby #542c1c rgb(84,44,28)
Nevada #5c6c74 rgb(92,108,116)
Muddy Waters #bc846c rgb(188,132,108)
My Pink #d39b7d rgb(211,155,125)
Soya Bean #615248 rgb(97,82,72)
Potters Clay #825232 rgb(130,82,50)
Shuttle Gray #54626d rgb(84,98,109)
Cashmere #e2b9a1 rgb(226,185,161)
Celery #c4c058 rgb(196,192,88)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Crete #615f22 rgb(97,95,34)
Chicago #5e5c5a rgb(94,92,90)
Stack #848584 rgb(132,133,132)
Cod Gray #100f10 rgb(16,15,16)
Aths Special #e9f0d9 rgb(233,240,217)
Tan #d3ac91 rgb(211,172,145)
Finlandia #5c645c rgb(92,100,92)
Irish Coffee #5e3d25 rgb(94,61,37)
Woodsmoke #101011 rgb(16,16,17)
Albescent White #f7e6da rgb(247,230,218)
Matrix #ac544c rgb(172,84,76)
Limed Ash #72746d rgb(114,116,109)
San Juan #2e4c76 rgb(46,76,118)
Dorado #64544e rgb(100,84,78)
Contessa #c47864 rgb(196,120,100)
Brandy Rose #bd8f7e rgb(189,143,126)
Irish Coffee #603024 rgb(96,48,36)
Spicy Mix #835947 rgb(131,89,71)
Cameo #d8ac93 rgb(216,172,147)
San Juan #344b73 rgb(52,75,115)
Bay Leaf #84b384 rgb(132,179,132)
Haiti #0c0922 rgb(12,9,34)
Ferra #68514c rgb(104,81,76)
Danube #77add2 rgb(119,173,210)

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