Judicial: a Free Attorney Website Template Judicial: a Free Attorney Website Template Judicial: a Free Attorney Website Template Judicial: a Free Attorney Website Template

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With Judicial, a free attorney website template, you can establish a pleasant, professional and sophisticated online presence. With the tool, you can also create pages for law firms, lawyers and all the rest offering legal services. It is modern and comfortable to use web design, which you will have a small breeze implementing for your needs and regulations. Also, Judicial comes entirely responsive and cross-browser compatible out of the box. In short, no need to worry about any of the technicalities.

Moreover, Judicial features parallax effect, full-screen banner above the fold, call-to-action buttons, free consultation form, accordions, social media icons and more. There is also a beautiful section for your successfully completed cases and a contact page with a working form. Last but not least, testimonials slider will help you build customer trust, giving you a chance to win over more business deals.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sundance #cda45a rgb(205,164,90)
Chicago #5e5953 rgb(94,89,83)
Nutmeg #815226 rgb(129,82,38)
Outer Space #2f3635 rgb(47,54,53)
Sorrell Brown #cab082 rgb(202,176,130)
Potters Clay #944c3c rgb(148,76,60)
Nevada #64747c rgb(100,116,124)
Irish Coffee #5e3026 rgb(94,48,38)
Bright Gray #373e45 rgb(55,62,69)
Rodeo Dust #d0b79c rgb(208,183,156)
Pickled Bean #713f29 rgb(113,63,41)
Pablo #777169 rgb(119,113,105)
Irish Coffee #613623 rgb(97,54,35)
Outer Space #32373a rgb(50,55,58)
Rodeo Dust #d0b39c rgb(208,179,156)
Porsche #ec9c55 rgb(236,156,85)
Squirrel #8c7c74 rgb(140,124,116)
Cafe Royale #773f0d rgb(119,63,13)
Tuna #3c3c41 rgb(60,60,65)
Raw Sienna #dc8c44 rgb(220,140,68)
Fire Bush #e48839 rgb(228,136,57)
Gray Chateau #969ea8 rgb(150,158,168)
Mikado #2d2011 rgb(45,32,17)
Shuttle Gray #5d6d80 rgb(93,109,128)
Calico #e3b891 rgb(227,184,145)
Raw Sienna #cc8c44 rgb(204,140,68)
Blue Bayoux #515c7c rgb(81,92,124)
Rhino #2c3463 rgb(44,52,99)
Mulled Wine #4d4e6b rgb(77,78,107)
Raffia #e8d8b4 rgb(232,216,180)
Di Serria #d4a44c rgb(212,164,76)
Pablo #787468 rgb(120,116,104)
Governor Bay #3038a8 rgb(48,56,168)
Outer Space #272f35 rgb(39,47,53)
Sundance #cba45d rgb(203,164,93)
Tussock #c3923d rgb(195,146,61)
Comet #4f5574 rgb(79,85,116)
Cloud Burst #253154 rgb(37,49,84)
Fiord #3e4667 rgb(62,70,103)
Muddy Waters #bd9c64 rgb(189,156,100)
Nutmeg #7d3d27 rgb(125,61,39)
Tapa #797872 rgb(121,120,114)
Pizza #d1950f rgb(209,149,15)
Outer Space #2e373b rgb(46,55,59)
Bone #e4d5c4 rgb(228,213,196)

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