Ariclaw: a Professional, Free Law Website Template Ariclaw: a Professional, Free Law Website Template Ariclaw: a Professional, Free Law Website Template Ariclaw: a Professional, Free Law Website Template

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Ariclaw is a professional, free law website template with a responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible layout. Ariclaw is based on Bootstrap Framework what gives it the flexibility and extendability, making sure you get the most out of it without a hassle. In short, Ariclaw is an ideal solution for legal practices, law firms, attorneys, lawyers and everyone else involved in law. Moreover, you will have a breeze utilizing Ariclaw, as the structure of the template is neat and tidy.

In the Ariclaw kit, you will find sticky navigation, hover effects, call-to-action buttons, testimonials, Google Maps and a working contact form. In addition, Ariclaw also includes blog pages which you can use for sharing tips, tricks and content marketing. The design for your law website is at the tip of your fingers, so make good use of it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Muddy Waters #b98c54 rgb(185,140,84)
Copper Rose #955e72 rgb(149,94,114)
Big Stone #18243e rgb(24,36,62)
Blue Bayoux #516083 rgb(81,96,131)
Sorrell Brown #ceb38b rgb(206,179,139)
Whiskey #d1a078 rgb(209,160,120)
Santas Gray #9da0aa rgb(157,160,170)
Spicy Mix #8a6242 rgb(138,98,66)
Oxford Blue #344c54 rgb(52,76,84)
Cameo #d8b59c rgb(216,181,156)
Potters Clay #8f633c rgb(143,99,60)
Santas Gray #9da1ad rgb(157,161,173)
Pickled Bean #60381f rgb(96,56,31)
Limed Spruce #3e4c54 rgb(62,76,84)
Cameo #d9b79e rgb(217,183,158)
Tamarillo #9f111c rgb(159,17,28)
Edward #a4a8a8 rgb(164,168,168)
Copper Rust #9c5449 rgb(156,84,73)
Kabul #664f43 rgb(102,79,67)
Copperfield #d48c59 rgb(212,140,89)
Antique Brass #c9966f rgb(201,150,111)
Old Copper #7b5635 rgb(123,86,53)
Cocoa Bean #532d20 rgb(83,45,32)
Flint #6d6460 rgb(109,100,96)
Gold Sand #e9bc99 rgb(233,188,153)
Pale Sky #646c84 rgb(100,108,132)
Ironside Gray #6c6c64 rgb(108,108,100)
Pavlova #dcc49c rgb(220,196,156)
Spice #6c3d30 rgb(108,61,48)
Coral Tree #b4776a rgb(180,119,106)
Cardinal #b6152f rgb(182,21,47)
Gondola #241814 rgb(36,24,20)
Cameo #ddb29b rgb(221,178,155)
Glacier #74a4cc rgb(116,164,204)
Schooner #958f8d rgb(149,143,141)
Eclipse #311b17 rgb(49,27,23)
Scorpion #5f5c5d rgb(95,92,93)
Cameo #d7a995 rgb(215,169,149)
Cardinal #bf202b rgb(191,32,43)
Slate Gray #6b7a8c rgb(107,122,140)
Sepia Skin #9e613b rgb(158,97,59)
Cocoa Brown #1b1312 rgb(27,19,18)
Muddy Waters #bf9370 rgb(191,147,112)

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