Neutral: an Outstanding Free One-Page Law Firm Website Template Neutral: an Outstanding Free One-Page Law Firm Website Template Neutral: an Outstanding Free One-Page Law Firm Website Template Neutral: an Outstanding Free One-Page Law Firm Website Template

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Neutral provides an outstanding free one-page law firm website template for the creation of a magnificent online presence. With a solid web space, you can promote your legal services professionally and persuasively. When you utilize the amazingness of Neutral, you can attain excellent results with your sophisticated law firm. Needless to say, you do not need to worry about web design anymore; Neutral delivers a spectacular one. Even when it comes to responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, Neutral sports it both and all the other web and tech trends.

With the single-page layout, you can now display all your information, practice areas, attorneys and other useful content on one page. In just a matter of a few scrolls, they can educate themselves and get familiar with your top-notch company. Neutral also includes a functional contact form so they can get in touch with your right away.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Shingle Fawn #745434 rgb(116,84,52)
Soya Bean #5a5149 rgb(90,81,73)
Saddle #4d2c23 rgb(77,44,35)
Fuscous Gray #434440 rgb(67,68,64)
Bone #e4d4c4 rgb(228,212,196)
Potters Clay #905c38 rgb(144,92,56)
Hurricane #8c8484 rgb(140,132,132)
Irish Coffee #5f3c25 rgb(95,60,37)
Millbrook #5e4134 rgb(94,65,52)
Laser #c4a474 rgb(196,164,116)
Copper Canyon #824817 rgb(130,72,23)
Sandal #a98767 rgb(169,135,103)
Sepia #703e13 rgb(112,62,19)
Woodsmoke #161718 rgb(22,23,24)
Cameo #dcc3a8 rgb(220,195,168)
Half Baked #8cbcd4 rgb(140,188,212)
Dusty Gray #a5929b rgb(165,146,155)
Blue Dianne #244c60 rgb(36,76,96)
Salt Box #6a5671 rgb(106,86,113)
Powder Blue #b4d4e4 rgb(180,212,228)
Hippie Blue #6ba2bc rgb(107,162,188)
Dusty Gray #a48e99 rgb(164,142,153)
Potters Clay #845432 rgb(132,84,50)
Cod Gray #191718 rgb(25,23,24)
Pigeon Post #aecdda rgb(174,205,218)
Feijoa #b0d47c rgb(176,212,124)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Fern Frond #486320 rgb(72,99,32)
Salt Box #6c5474 rgb(108,84,116)
San Juan #365b7a rgb(54,91,122)
Salt Box #6c5473 rgb(108,84,115)
Rhino #28445b rgb(40,68,91)
Mid Gray #69676e rgb(105,103,110)
Polo Blue #8caccc rgb(140,172,204)
Mountain Mist #9c989d rgb(156,152,157)
Astronaut #244c74 rgb(36,76,116)
Woodsmoke #151617 rgb(21,22,23)
Janna #f3e9cf rgb(243,233,207)
San Juan #345b7a rgb(52,91,122)
Salt Box #6a666f rgb(106,102,111)
Chambray #2b5978 rgb(43,89,120)
Salt Box #6b5573 rgb(107,85,115)
Wheatfield #f3eacd rgb(243,234,205)

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