Whisper: a Modern and Professional Free lawyer and Legal Website template Whisper: a Modern and Professional Free lawyer and Legal Website template Whisper: a Modern and Professional Free lawyer and Legal Website template Whisper: a Modern and Professional Free lawyer and Legal Website template Whisper: a Modern and Professional Free lawyer and Legal Website template

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Whisper is a modern, clean, comfortable to use and professional free lawyer and legal website template. With its very many features, adaptive and responsive layout, stunning web design and excellent performance, sparking clients’ interest will be a breeze. Whisper is based on Bootstrap Framework and follows all the latest trends and regulations. Instead of coming up with your own design from scratch, you can now benefit from Whisper greatly.

Other features of Whisper include parallax backgrounds, on scroll content load, working contact form and testimonials slider. There are also social media buttons, newsletter subscription box, interesting hover effects and sticky navigation. You can even start writing a blog, sharing tips and tricks that will benefit others. Implement content marketing as well and reach new levels of success with the impressive and remarkable Whisper.

The color palette of this template is composed by 54 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Equator #e6c15f rgb(230,193,95)
Roman Coffee #72594c rgb(114,89,76)
Irish Coffee #5c3424 rgb(92,52,36)
Taupe #45372e rgb(69,55,46)
Chalky #eeda9d rgb(238,218,157)
Muddy Waters #bb8869 rgb(187,136,105)
Lemon Grass #939285 rgb(147,146,133)
Downriver #0e335e rgb(14,51,94)
Gondola #160e11 rgb(22,14,17)
Ronchi #eac45c rgb(234,196,92)
Twine #c29a64 rgb(194,154,100)
Rodeo Dust #c5a598 rgb(197,165,152)
Downriver #0d3159 rgb(13,49,89)
Cocoa Brown #140e11 rgb(20,14,17)
Contessa #c47466 rgb(196,116,102)
Equator #e4c569 rgb(228,197,105)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Raw Umber #705914 rgb(112,89,20)
Charade #2c2c3c rgb(44,44,60)
Ronchi #ecc35c rgb(236,195,92)
Ronchi #eac35c rgb(234,195,92)
Oslo Gray #999c9e rgb(153,156,158)
Black Pearl #070f22 rgb(7,15,34)
Charade #2c2e39 rgb(44,46,57)
Putty #ead395 rgb(234,211,149)
Ronchi #ecc458 rgb(236,196,88)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Spicy Mustard #775a0d rgb(119,90,13)
Cement #86765e rgb(134,118,94)
Banana Mania #fce4b4 rgb(252,228,180)
Equator #e5bf5c rgb(229,191,92)
Emperor #524f52 rgb(82,79,82)
Bronzetone #4a320e rgb(74,50,14)
Coffee #6f6450 rgb(111,100,80)
Harvest Gold #ddbf7a rgb(221,191,122)
Tussock #b98b45 rgb(185,139,69)
Rolling Stone #7c848c rgb(124,132,140)
Metallic Bronze #403018 rgb(64,48,24)
Gravel #525054 rgb(82,80,84)
Tulip Tree #e6b639 rgb(230,182,57)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Big Stone #142434 rgb(20,36,52)
Pablo #787568 rgb(120,117,104)
White Rock #ece6d6 rgb(236,230,214)
Apache #dbbb65 rgb(219,187,101)
Abbey #51535b rgb(81,83,91)
Mikado #2b200f rgb(43,32,15)
Roman Coffee #776550 rgb(119,101,80)
Tan #d0ba8a rgb(208,186,138)
Laser #c3ac72 rgb(195,172,114)
Sirocco #717575 rgb(113,117,117)
Onion #27200c rgb(39,32,12)
Charade #2c2c3b rgb(44,44,59)
Ronchi #eccc51 rgb(236,204,81)

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