Lawful: a Free Legal Website Template Lawful: a Free Legal Website Template Lawful: a Free Legal Website Template Lawful: a Free Legal Website Template

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If you are starting your own thing or you need a site redesign, Lawful is the free legal website template that will get you going strong. It is a professional tool that provides the basis for your neat, sophisticated and out of this world web space. Nowadays, no matter what your expertise is, a website is a must. Show everyone that you are serious about your business and have them hooked in an instant. With a superb page, you can promote your services and let those interested in working with you to get to know you better.

What’s more, Lawful practices all the latest trends and regulations to always operate seamlessly and distraction-free. Wait no longer, download the template now and get your law firm to witness the potential that the online world brings.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Calypso #38688c rgb(56,104,140)
Coffee #7d6757 rgb(125,103,87)
Saddle #563526 rgb(86,53,38)
Heavy Metal #121412 rgb(18,20,18)
Cameo #daa9a1 rgb(218,169,161)
French Rose #ec547c rgb(236,84,124)
Almond Frost #927e6e rgb(146,126,110)
Old Copper #74542c rgb(116,84,44)
Mako #434852 rgb(67,72,82)
White Lilac #f4f4fb rgb(244,244,251)
Mandy #e45d78 rgb(228,93,120)
Manatee #979799 rgb(151,151,153)
Pickled Bean #744924 rgb(116,73,36)
Zeus #1d1917 rgb(29,25,23)
Terracotta #e38265 rgb(227,130,101)
Violet Red #f43c7c rgb(244,60,124)
Almond Frost #927a6f rgb(146,122,111)
Monarch #7d0730 rgb(125,7,48)
Mirage #111a22 rgb(17,26,34)
Sea Pink #eca197 rgb(236,161,151)
Apricot #f18466 rgb(241,132,102)
Almond Frost #8e786a rgb(142,120,106)
Mule Fawn #8d4c2e rgb(141,76,46)
Bunker #121a21 rgb(18,26,33)
Tonys Pink #e6a492 rgb(230,164,146)
Tumbleweed #daad74 rgb(218,173,116)
Sandal #b49474 rgb(180,148,116)
Asphalt #0c0404 rgb(12,4,4)
Abbey #545e60 rgb(84,94,96)
Sorrell Brown #d0b394 rgb(208,179,148)
Earls Green #c4c434 rgb(196,196,52)
Brandy Rose #b48986 rgb(180,137,134)
Seaweed #1c240c rgb(28,36,12)
Mid Gray #686869 rgb(104,104,105)
Portage #9484ec rgb(148,132,236)
Twine #be945f rgb(190,148,95)
Sand Dune #7d6b5f rgb(125,107,95)
Pickled Bean #744625 rgb(116,70,37)
Judge Gray #544033 rgb(84,64,51)
Tumbleweed #d6b07d rgb(214,176,125)
Twine #c49256 rgb(196,146,86)
Tapa #787270 rgb(120,114,112)
Shingle Fawn #6a532c rgb(106,83,44)
Tundora #4a4142 rgb(74,65,66)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #be5f62 rgb(190,95,98)

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