Primelaw: a Free Lawyer and Legal Website Template Primelaw: a Free Lawyer and Legal Website Template Primelaw: a Free Lawyer and Legal Website Template Primelaw: a Free Lawyer and Legal Website Template

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Hence the name, Primelaw is a free lawyer and legal website template for attorneys and agencies alike. It is a neat, clean, modern and outstandingly attractive site skin with a great deal of features and assets. Primelaw catches their attention with a full-width slideshow which you can use to intrigue them to learn more about your offering. There is also an appointment call-to-action button which opens a form in a pop-up. They can take action right off the bat, if they know already you are the right pick for them.

Moreover, Primelaw loads content on scroll, rocks animated statistics, testimonials slider, case studies and social media icons. There is also a fully functional contact page with Google Maps, so your potential clients can get in touch with you any time.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Teak #b8946a rgb(184,148,106)
Edward #9b9fa0 rgb(155,159,160)
Eclipse #2e1e15 rgb(46,30,21)
Bistre #432f22 rgb(67,47,34)
Muddy Waters #bc9464 rgb(188,148,100)
Pewter #949c9c rgb(148,156,156)
Cedar #3d2413 rgb(61,36,19)
Night Rider #1b120d rgb(27,18,13)
Muddy Waters #bc946c rgb(188,148,108)
Muddy Waters #bc9465 rgb(188,148,101)
Sandrift #ad9978 rgb(173,153,120)
Eternity #1e130c rgb(30,19,12)
Saddle #4e3722 rgb(78,55,34)
Janna #f5ebda rgb(245,235,218)
Jumbo #7c7c88 rgb(124,124,136)
Graphite #140b04 rgb(20,11,4)
Don Juan #645057 rgb(100,80,87)
Steel Blue #4c81b2 rgb(76,129,178)
Don Juan #624e52 rgb(98,78,82)
Cloud Burst #20364a rgb(32,54,74)
Cocoa Brown #352926 rgb(53,41,38)
Pigeon Post #a0bcdc rgb(160,188,220)
Muddy Waters #bc9466 rgb(188,148,102)
Sandal #a47c6c rgb(164,124,108)
Irish Coffee #5c4428 rgb(92,68,40)
Tundora #423739 rgb(66,55,57)
Cashmere #e8bea2 rgb(232,190,162)
San Juan #345c7a rgb(52,92,122)
Ironside Gray #66645f rgb(102,100,95)
Green Waterloo #141404 rgb(20,20,4)
Fiord #3e5468 rgb(62,84,104)
My Pink #d19e8a rgb(209,158,138)
Beaver #876355 rgb(135,99,85)
Metallic Bronze #412918 rgb(65,41,24)
Masala #433d3b rgb(67,61,59)
Rodeo Dust #d0b49c rgb(208,180,156)
Teak #b89566 rgb(184,149,102)
Storm Dust #62625c rgb(98,98,92)
San Juan #355b79 rgb(53,91,121)
Masala #3d3938 rgb(61,57,56)
Parchment #efe7ce rgb(239,231,206)

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