Marco 2: a Free Lawyer Website Template Like Marco 2: a Free Lawyer Website Template Like Marco 2: a Free Lawyer Website Template Like Marco 2: a Free Lawyer Website Template Like Marco 2: a Free Lawyer Website Template Like

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With a free lawyer website template like Marco 2, you can bring your business to an entirely new degree. It is a refreshing, contemporary and easy to use site canvas that easily adjusts to lawyers and attorneys who are in need for something more. With a prominent online presence, you can grab the attention of even more clients and scale accordingly. Get them to know you better, tell the world what you excel at and even share your successful cases. On top of that, with the free consultation form, they can get in touch with you, asking for assistance.

Marco 2 will surely boost your professionalism with very little work invested on your part. The web design follows all the latest practices, is mobile-ready and high performing to guarantee flourishing online operation.

The color palette of this template is composed by 46 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cape Palliser #a16e4c rgb(161,110,76)
Sirocco #757d7c rgb(117,125,124)
Old Copper #76442d rgb(118,68,45)
Woodsmoke #161c1a rgb(22,28,26)
Teak #ba8e6f rgb(186,142,111)
Gray #8a8a8a rgb(138,138,138)
Hawkes Blue #d4ecfc rgb(212,236,252)
Silver Chalice #b2b1b1 rgb(178,177,177)
Mine Shaft #333232 rgb(51,50,50)
Parchment #efe9d1 rgb(239,233,209)
Fuchsia Blue #9044c4 rgb(144,68,196)
Mamba #8c8494 rgb(140,132,148)
Asphalt #0c0404 rgb(12,4,4)
Mako #44474c rgb(68,71,76)
Santa Fe #b06e4e rgb(176,110,78)
Gunsmoke #8b8d8d rgb(139,141,141)
Quincy #5e3b2a rgb(94,59,42)
Sandstone #746764 rgb(116,103,100)
Coconut Cream #f8f3d4 rgb(248,243,212)
Tan #cc9c7c rgb(204,156,124)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Pickled Bean #644424 rgb(100,68,36)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
San Marino #44749c rgb(68,116,156)
Toast #9e7d62 rgb(158,125,98)
Sambuca #2e180c rgb(46,24,12)
Sandstone #76655d rgb(118,101,93)
Cashmere #e2bda2 rgb(226,189,162)
Santa Fe #b47c54 rgb(180,124,84)
Shuttle Gray #546474 rgb(84,100,116)
Punga #5c3c1c rgb(92,60,28)
Flint #746c64 rgb(116,108,100)
Cameo #dcbcac rgb(220,188,172)
Earls Green #bfbf3f rgb(191,191,63)
Karaka #0c0c04 rgb(12,12,4)
Shuttle Gray #595f62 rgb(89,95,98)
Burning Sand #d7997b rgb(215,153,123)
Zorba #a39284 rgb(163,146,132)
Spice #67442d rgb(103,68,45)
Zeus #181310 rgb(24,19,16)
Shilo #e6b4a9 rgb(230,180,169)
San Marino #4e64b0 rgb(78,100,176)
Ironside Gray #6f6e6c rgb(111,110,108)
Mirage #192038 rgb(25,32,56)
Masala #3e3735 rgb(62,55,53)
Aths Special #ece5cf rgb(236,229,207)

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