TheOrder: one of the Best Free Law Firm Website Template TheOrder: one of the Best Free Law Firm Website Template TheOrder: one of the Best Free Law Firm Website Template TheOrder: one of the Best Free Law Firm Website Template TheOrder: one of the Best Free Law Firm Website Template

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TheOrder is one of the best if not the best free law firm website template currently available on the market. It features a ton of features and assets that allow you to create the exact web space you want for your legal firm. Make it stand out from the crowd and build a solid online appearance to attract a whole new clientele. Do not miss the opportunity that the world of the internet brings to the industry.

With numerous goodies, latest technologies and then some, TheOrder is one fantastic tool for your website. The template is based on Bootstrap, rocks a parallax effect, reveals content on scroll and has an entire page dedicated to your won cases. With TheOrder, you can also start a law blog and reach even more potential clients organically. Do things your way with TheOrder.

The color palette of this template is composed by 48 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Old Copper #7c5c34 rgb(124,92,52)
Delta #a6a6a3 rgb(166,166,163)
Black Bean #040c0b rgb(4,12,11)
Tuatara #2f2e2c rgb(47,46,44)
Carnation #fc545c rgb(252,84,92)
Gray Chateau #a4a6a9 rgb(164,166,169)
Red Devil #820208 rgb(130,2,8)
Abbey #44464a rgb(68,70,74)
Cameo #d9ac99 rgb(217,172,153)
Roman #da5c63 rgb(218,92,99)
Gray Chateau #a0a7b0 rgb(160,167,176)
Eclipse #2f2215 rgb(47,34,21)
Eunry #d4aaa3 rgb(212,170,163)
Mid Gray #646474 rgb(100,100,116)
Tuna #36383c rgb(54,56,60)
Black Squeeze #ecf4f8 rgb(236,244,248)
Contessa #c46c84 rgb(196,108,132)
Sand Dune #826f65 rgb(130,111,101)
Night Rider #0d0806 rgb(13,8,6)
Pale Sky #67717d rgb(103,113,125)
Bone #e3d6c4 rgb(227,214,196)
Mandy #e34c55 rgb(227,76,85)
Stack #8c938e rgb(140,147,142)
Mule Fawn #944c2c rgb(148,76,44)
Kabul #5c4d3e rgb(92,77,62)
Cavern Pink #e5bdb9 rgb(229,189,185)
Nutmeg #814425 rgb(129,68,37)
Stack #898f8a rgb(137,143,138)
Redwood #5c1f0e rgb(92,31,14)
Rangoon Green #14130d rgb(20,19,13)
Cavern Pink #ddbab2 rgb(221,186,178)
Antique Brass #c48c6c rgb(196,140,108)
Lemon Grass #999a92 rgb(153,154,146)
Irish Coffee #5e3a25 rgb(94,58,37)
Scarpa Flow #4f4e52 rgb(79,78,82)
Cameo #dfc3ad rgb(223,195,173)
Cement #8c7464 rgb(140,116,100)
Mine Shaft #2c2c2c rgb(44,44,44)
Eunry #cea796 rgb(206,167,150)
Sandal #a3846e rgb(163,132,110)
Black Marlin #3e2919 rgb(62,41,25)
Tundora #444141 rgb(68,65,65)
Akaroa #d9c2ad rgb(217,194,173)
Contessa #bc6368 rgb(188,99,104)
Bombay #acaeb0 rgb(172,174,176)
Buccaneer #5c272a rgb(92,39,42)
Shuttle Gray #565f6c rgb(86,95,108)
Contessa #c66e84 rgb(198,110,132)

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