Medico: a Free Medical HTML Website Template Medico: a Free Medical HTML Website Template Medico: a Free Medical HTML Website Template Medico: a Free Medical HTML Website Template

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Medico is a free medical HTML website template which you can download and put to use right away. The site canvas is based on the Bootstrap Framework, which makes sure the layout is flexible and mobile-friendly. Medico is also lightweight, guaranteeing outstanding performance on all devices, handheld and desktop. In short, Medico practices all the latest trends in web development for a smooth operation of your medical website.

The web design of Medico is super clean, minimal and modern. It comes with sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons, online appointment form and social media icons. Blog pages and contact section with Google Maps and a working form are also integrated into the template. You will save yourself loads of time, yet still create a professional and sophisticated page for all and any of your medical services.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #4794f8 rgb(71,148,248)
Suva Gray #857d82 rgb(133,125,130)
Blumine #1b5585 rgb(27,85,133)
Mirage #1e2a3d rgb(30,42,61)
Cavern Pink #e0b2b7 rgb(224,178,183)
Azure Radiance #0b7ce5 rgb(11,124,229)
Dusty Gray #a49c9c rgb(164,156,156)
Lochmara #0974c4 rgb(9,116,196)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Spray #95dcf3 rgb(149,220,243)
Picton Blue #52bce5 rgb(82,188,229)
Abbey #535357 rgb(83,83,87)
Denim #1c76b6 rgb(28,118,182)
Ebony Clay #222833 rgb(34,40,51)
Blizzard Blue #97dbf1 rgb(151,219,241)
Cornflower Blue #5894fc rgb(88,148,252)
Indian Khaki #c7ac92 rgb(199,172,146)
Spice #6c442c rgb(108,68,44)
Treehouse #38281f rgb(56,40,31)
Dodger Blue #4189f6 rgb(65,137,246)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #bd5a58 rgb(189,90,88)
Manatee #929294 rgb(146,146,148)
Vulcan #0e161f rgb(14,22,31)
Cocoa Brown #312520 rgb(49,37,32)
Twine #c1946d rgb(193,148,109)
Dodger Blue #1e7cf9 rgb(30,124,249)
Gothic #6c94a4 rgb(108,148,164)
Chambray #344c80 rgb(52,76,128)
Shuttle Gray #5d697d rgb(93,105,125)
Cornflower Blue #5898fc rgb(88,152,252)
Gray Chateau #9da2a5 rgb(157,162,165)
St Tropaz #244494 rgb(36,68,148)
Bunker #141a1e rgb(20,26,30)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Dodger Blue #3586f6 rgb(53,134,246)
Toast #a17864 rgb(161,120,100)
Catalina Blue #05387e rgb(5,56,126)
Roman Coffee #81594e rgb(129,89,78)
Periwinkle Gray #c2d5e5 rgb(194,213,229)
Dodger Blue #1e79f1 rgb(30,121,241)
Oslo Gray #919498 rgb(145,148,152)
Aztec #0d1b22 rgb(13,27,34)
Nevada #676f73 rgb(103,111,115)
Cornflower Blue #5897f9 rgb(88,151,249)

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