Estate: a Free Estate Agent Website Template Estate: a Free Estate Agent Website Template Estate: a Free Estate Agent Website Template Estate: a Free Estate Agent Website Template

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Hence the name, Estate is a free estate agent website template with a modern, professional and sophisticated web design. Whether you are a real estate agent or an agency, with Estate, you can now approach web development like a champ. One thing is for sure, you do not have to start from the ground up anymore. As for the web design, you have it fully predesigned and ready to use out of the box. Of course, you can perform additional tweaks and improvements; however, using Estate as is is possible too.

From large slideshow, social media icons and video support to beautiful property pages, news section and an active contact page with form and Google Maps, Estate rocks it all and more. This free estate agent website template is also based on Bootstrap Framework for the necessary page flexibility.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mountain Mist #908e97 rgb(144,142,151)
Shuttle Gray #636674 rgb(99,102,116)
Whiskey #cea471 rgb(206,164,113)
Venus #948c94 rgb(148,140,148)
Shingle Fawn #66542c rgb(102,84,44)
Woodsmoke #14171a rgb(20,23,26)
Polo Blue #86acca rgb(134,172,202)
Pesto #73632b rgb(115,99,43)
Oslo Gray #898a8d rgb(137,138,141)
Sycamore #887b3f rgb(136,123,63)
Mondo #45392c rgb(69,57,44)
Spindle #b3cee5 rgb(179,206,229)
Java #26bcaa rgb(38,188,170)
Roman Coffee #75644f rgb(117,100,79)
Java #13ccb8 rgb(19,204,184)
Zeus #191410 rgb(25,20,16)
Spray #72ecea rgb(114,236,234)
Bermuda #70d7d0 rgb(112,215,208)
Makara #7f786c rgb(127,120,108)
Mikado #302010 rgb(48,32,16)
Taupe #52463a rgb(82,70,58)
Swans Down #d7eee2 rgb(215,238,226)
Java #10ccb4 rgb(16,204,180)
Bali Hai #7c94ac rgb(124,148,172)
Java #14c4bc rgb(20,196,188)
Blue Bayoux #4a5f7c rgb(74,95,124)
Half Baked #81b5d2 rgb(129,181,210)
Keppel #3aaba6 rgb(58,171,166)
Santas Gray #a4a4b4 rgb(164,164,180)
Wedgewood #478d94 rgb(71,141,148)
Martinique #34344b rgb(52,52,75)
Downy #5ac8c0 rgb(90,200,192)
Java #16c5b7 rgb(22,197,183)
Nandor #4f5951 rgb(79,89,81)
Ebony #070a12 rgb(7,10,18)
Shuttle Gray #576173 rgb(87,97,115)
Half Baked #82b4d0 rgb(130,180,208)
Keppel #3baca8 rgb(59,172,168)
Jumbo #80818b rgb(128,129,139)
Elm #229188 rgb(34,145,136)
Martinique #34344c rgb(52,52,76)
Downy #59cdc8 rgb(89,205,200)

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